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  1. Sianita

    Is there a perfect way to euthanise

    Thanks Darrel. I will keep this saved :)
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    Is there a perfect way to euthanise

    Aw I'm sorry to hear that. I honestly thought it was a one off as I had never seen or heard about the same thing happening to any fish let alone the same species! It would be interesting to find out more about it and if it is just a harlequin thing or not. Hopefully this is the only one like it...
  3. Sianita

    Is there a perfect way to euthanise

    Madhav I had the exact same issue with 1 of my harelquins years ago! Just 1 out of 15 of them ended up with this and sadly it started wasting away so I put it out its misery with blunt force trauma. I have never used clove oil before though.. What exactly do you do with it?
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    What should I test for with topsoil substrate?

    Thanks alto I actually just found it earlier today and had a good read through. Im thinking it would just be safer and easier to buy aquarium soil/subtrate so for my wee practice tank an just going to use aquarium gravel I have already :)
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    What should I test for with topsoil substrate?

    Thanks very much for replying. Do you think it would be ok to try and cycle the topsoil with some hardy live plants for a couple months? I am going to get a master test kit before I think of buying fish but I wasn't sure if I needed that to see if the topsoil would be safe enough in an aquarium.
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    What should I test for with topsoil substrate?

    Can anyone tell me what tests I should run on the water when trying to use new topsoil that nobody else has used in aquarium? It states that it won't effect pH so am I rigt in thinking its just ammonia I need to test for or other things as well? Any advice will be much appreciated thanks
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    New guy, hey all✋

    Hello and I love your tank!
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    Hello from Belgium

    Hello and welcome! Wow stunning tank! :)
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    Hi everyone from London

    Hello and welcome :)
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    Hello from a Jock Living in Mid Wales!

    Hello and welcome!
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    Another newbie from London

    Hello and welcome!
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    Hi, from Sweden, STHLM

    Hello and welcome :) Gorgeous fish and tank!
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    Hello and welcome! :)
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    Greetings from California!

    Hey and welcome! :)
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    Hello from Egham

    Hello and welcome :) I'm pretty new here to. I'm sure I read that you have to be aware of any spike in ammonia after adding certain soil substrates so maybe have a wee look in the substrate section.
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    Caledonian cobbles/pebbles

    I love this idea!
  17. Sianita

    Lakeland Wraith - NA 120

    Wow! I love that so far! Very aesthetically pleasing :)
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    cat litter

    Very interesting! Will maybe try in the future
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    calculating amount of needed substrate

    Awesome thread! This is something I had been trying to figure out by myself
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    Aquascaping Basics - Part Three

    Fantastic info!
  21. Sianita

    Aquascaping Basics - Part One

    Wow so much to consider and learn! I just can't wait to start putting my first tank together :)
  22. Sianita

    Inspirational Iwagumi aquascapes

    Wow these are utterly amazing and inspiring!
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    Cheap HO T5 fluorescent tubes - Update with photos

    Great thread! Really learning a lot before deciding on my lighting :)
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    UKAPS Members Photo Album

    Tiz me! Lol
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    Easy/hardy low tech floating plants

    Thank you all so much! I have lots to go and look up now! I am not 100% on wether to have open top tanks (display and quarantine) or to use plastic greenhouse roofing as a lid to help with condensation. In the past I did have a couple fish jump out of my non planted tank so its a worry I have...
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    Quarantine tank setups?

    Thanks very much rusticdr! I will check them out :)
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    Easy/hardy low tech floating plants

    Sadly I wont be keeping anything that will eat them and tbh I know that after a while I get annoyed with the constant rapid growth haha
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    Easy/hardy low tech floating plants

    I'm looking for suggestions for any easy to keep (low tech) and hardy floating plants suitable for a 10 gallon quarantine tank. I'm totally new to plants and really have only researched the plants I want for my main tank so sadly I only know about duckweed and I really dont want to go there...
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    Quarantine tank setups?

    Thanks for the replies! Any suggestions on good hardy easy to care for floating plants? Only 1 i really know is duckweed and I'd rather not have that tbh
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    Quarantine tank setups?

    So I am preparing to set up my first low tech planted tank and I will set up a quarantine tank for any new fish as I always do. Now I am wondering what most people in the live planted hobby do with their quarantine tanks. I always kept mine bare bottomed and rarely had something easy to clean...
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    Anyone using sweet chestnut?

    Thanks very much for the replies folks! Sorry I didn't see them until now. I was waiting for notifications but I guess I don't get them on this forum :/ The peices I have are well and truly dry. I don't think they have ever been wet tbh so thay will take a lot of soaking. They are called...
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    Hello from sunny Scotland!

    Hi and thanks kadoxu :)
  33. Sianita

    Hello from sunny Scotland!

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys! I am absolutely loving this forum and so glad I stumbled across it! Hopefully in the not to distnat future I will have my very own planted tank up and running! I was never successfull with live plants back in the day but I didn't know half as much as I do know...
  34. Sianita

    Anyone using sweet chestnut?

    Just wondering if anyone has used sweet chestnut or oak in their aquascapes and if so could you please share some pics with me? I have a few gorgeous weathered peices and I have seen another 1 perfecr for my first low tech tank so I'm looking for any inspiration and advice on prep please.
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    Topsoil as base layer?

    Hey folks newbie to planted aquaria here and so I have been researching everything I can. I must say since finding this forum yesterday I have found it invaluable! I have decided to go with a low tech dirt/spil based tank with easy hardy plants and fish. So here is my question because I hate...
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    Hello from sunny Scotland!

    Hey folks! Im really glad to be here. I was in the aquarium hobby for most of my life up until 4 years ago. I am now craving a tank and fish in my life so I want to do it right this time as I have never been able to keep plants alive before. Im ready to learn everything I can! Can't wait til I...
  37. Sianita

    How/Where did you hear about

    Good old google when I was reaserching all things planted aquaria .