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  1. Fiske

    My full set up

    Very nice. How about some close ups of the top wabi shelf? ;)
  2. Fiske

    Onf flat nano+

    Just got one of these, and after some faffing it works fine. Still does the spinning wheel thing in the remote section, but I just press the back button (on the phone), then it works fine. Phone's a Huawei in this case.
  3. Fiske

    31x21x26, nano, ‘nature heart’

    Bringing aquascaping snobbery to new heights: Speyside Single Malt CO2, Sherry Cask Matured. 😁 Are you listening, ADA?! J/K. Lovely scape mate.
  4. Fiske

    Scape corner

    My old cat liked to sleep on the lamp on a tank I had back in the day. So, one day he jumps up, but he had failed to see that I had removed lamp and top glass for maintenance. Much laughter ensued. He got a good dip.
  5. Fiske

    AS600 - Carpet Deathmatch

    Thanks. I'm super happy with it, aside from jumping gudgeons. Especially after I did something with the bolbitis area, it wasn't working right. Lilaeopsis is vastly outnumbered though, but it seems like it holds its own for now.
  6. Fiske

    AS600 - Carpet Deathmatch

    Yeah. Crossed the 1 month anniversary without much fanfare. Now running in the 6th week, and things still look good. Still have GSA, I still blame it on the sunlight. Heaviest infestation is in the glasspipes, which do need a good clean. I might purchase a backup set though, just in case I'm...
  7. Fiske

    CO2 levels problem

    Captain Obvious here: checked for leaks?
  8. Fiske

    Algae problem.

    From my experience with an Oase 600 in an Aquascaper 600: Get more flow. Use a powerhead like eg. Aquaclear 20, which is cheap and adjustable. And since you don't have livestock yet, aim for a nice bright yellow in those dropcheckers. Btw the brown algae are likely diatoms, completely normal...
  9. Fiske

    AS600 - Carpet Deathmatch

    Mine didn't touch the shrimp, but they were quite aggressive towards each other. That I very quickly only had 3 meant they couldn't spread it out amongst them much, jumping were by pecking order. I also think that the tank was to bright and busy for them. I'm hoping that this time, as the tank...
  10. Fiske

    Daily Waterchanges

    Without any additional info, it's hard to tell; but if you're getting hair algae in a newly established tank I'd look at the light. How much/how long is the period?
  11. Fiske


    Don't forget to don your safety glasses!
  12. Fiske

    AS600 - Carpet Deathmatch

    Just a couple of crappy phone pics, reflections and all:
  13. Fiske

    AS600 - Carpet Deathmatch

    Sundays are for watering the houseplants, baking rye, chilling a bit before the workweek.... ... And tank maintenance. Big waterchange. Tried out how easy it was(n't) to clean the prefilter on the Eheim. Turned out it really wasn't necessary though, shrimpguard catches most of the larger pieces...
  14. Fiske

    Kitchen nano 35L

    Yeah, diatoms. Nerites and Otocinclus munch it. Or just keep up with waterchanges and maintenance and it will eventually disappear. Looks like you got staghorn on that last pic too. A thorough clean of tank and filter can help there, although it's a bastich to get completely rid of. Extreme...
  15. Fiske

    AS600 - Carpet Deathmatch

    Thanks. One of my favourite plants as well. Too bad it takes months to establish and get going IME. I have more Bolbitis than I know what to do with :O Will check it out. Thx. Yeah. They were charming little fellows. I'm afraid the sharp pieces of Seiryu stone in the original sandy beach...
  16. Fiske

    What algae is this?

    Doesn't look like algae. I think we've had something like this several times before... Some kind of moss?? Maybe @dw1305 can help?
  17. Fiske

    AS600 - Carpet Deathmatch

    Small update: Second week. I've gone over to 50ish % waterchange every other day, down from every day for the last week. 1,5-2 ml of glut per day, slowly decreasing that. Got white fungus on wood, and some diatoms. Couple of days ago 8-10 shrimp, a few nerites and my 2 Oto's made the move. I...
  18. Fiske

    AS600 - Carpet Deathmatch

    Better shot: Plants: C. crispatula C. wendtii C. willisii x nevillii Eleocharis mini H. bolivianum Microsorum Trident Bolbitis ... Oh and a few Buces from the lowtech, just to see how they handle it. Will up the count when (if) the tank behaves. Eheim Pro 4+ 350T Aquarebell lilypipe and...
  19. Fiske

    DOOA "nano pond" 2.0 - UG and re-scape

    This is great. I have had a 45F on a shelf for a year or so, to replace my 12 L windowsill tank; been planning something a bit like this, although with a small HOB. Maybe I should get to it. The windowsill ran great for a while no tech, but got a lot of filamentous algae come spring. Ferts and...
  20. Fiske

    AS600 - Carpet Deathmatch

    In reality a continuation of my old AS600 journal. But since I really ripped it all apart, I'd better keep the journals separate. So here goes: The gudgeons left the tank in vertical direction within a few weeks after my last update; their fry sadly perished too. A 20 cm piece of an (to me)...
  21. Fiske

    Lighting help on deep tank

    Why not do a paludarium style thing with eg. splash tetras (Copella sp.) or hatchetfish, or some Pantodon. Halfbeaks could work well too. Something along these lines That's what I'd do if I had a tank this high...
  22. Fiske

    Aquascaper 600 - Fry

    Huge trim of stems finally done. I have removed loads of plantmass. Since everything was getting a bit messy, I cut the tops of the Rotala and the L. hippuridoides, scrapped the lower parts and replanted the best looking tops. Once grown in I will start using blackcurrant method on them. Before...
  23. Fiske

    Where are the fish?

    Coming from the 70s and 80s where growing plants was an occult art, I find it really great to actually be able to grow plants that are not a full catalogue of deficiencies. That said I really want to make it as right for the fish as possible, so I always try to prioritize that. Some of the...
  24. Fiske

    Help identify reason for this plant decay.

    Profito has no nitrogen or phosphorus AFAIK. So might be that. Others with more experience can chime in, only Easy Life I use is Carbo.
  25. Fiske

    Aquascaper 600 - Fry

    That large CO2 post I threatened? Yeah, here it is. Skip if you find CO2 as interesting as drying paint. So when I started the hi-tec route with injecting and all, I looked at quite an expenditure. Finally I decided to buy a CO2art regulator set that included everything but the bottle. Because...
  26. Fiske

    Progressive Flooding (after Dry Start Method)

    That's some sound advice @X3NiTH That might be a way to do it. It reminds me of a post I can't find anymore about Aquasabi doing the same in their nursery/warehouse/whatever. There's also this thread That's quite a system...
  27. Fiske

    Aquascaper 600 - Fry

    C. wendtii "Tropica" if memory serves. These plants have been with me for years, and are MASSIVE. I really don't feel they fit too well at that spot, but I have a hard time removing them since the only place that has room is the compost. Besides, the fishies like them. The gudgeons are a bit...
  28. Fiske

    Progressive Flooding (after Dry Start Method)

    Initial thoughts: If it should give the plant time to acclimatise to submerged growth, it should take several weeks probably. In the interim period, you wouldn't be able to run the filter. Thus risking massive algae. Just my 0.02€. I could be wrong.
  29. Fiske

    What country is everyone from? (Fun Thread)

    Olympus Mons... You're from Mars?! o_O:D
  30. Fiske

    Aquascaper 600 - Fry

    Small update: From this: ' To this in 1 month: I must say; I'm fairly happy with this. There's still some BBA and Staghorn popping up here and there, mostly on the Buces and a bit on the Bolbitis, but it is not much: I suspect the wood is the culprit here, I've been using this piece...
  31. Fiske

    help with aponogeton

    They like plenty of ferts, in watercolumn and as root tabs. You can avoid dormancy or 'rest periods' by providing these.
  32. Fiske

    Dosing with Tropica

    The amounts recommended on the bottle are safe averages for Joe Normal. Take a look at the aquascapes on the Tropica site, some of them use massive amounts. That of course has the prerequisite that your CO2 and light is spot on.
  33. Fiske

    Your UKAPS Highlights...

    Yep, all those are my favourites too. I'd love a bucket of mud in my living room. I'd need a second mortgage to have something like that custom made here, it is prohibitively expensive (and a third mortgage when Mrs. Fiske throws me out :hilarious:). So the videos has to do it for me.
  34. Fiske

    Aquascaper 600 - Fry

    So, a bit of a change up. The Limnophila aquatica wasn't working at that spot, besides the lower parts was very infested with algae, so out it went. I've got a few stems of it in my lowtech, though. Likewise, the C. albida has been ailing for so long it is not even funny no more; out and into...
  35. Fiske

    Pellia – Monosolenium tenerum attachment

    I just glued small lumps. Seems to work fine so far.
  36. Fiske

    Pellia – Monosolenium tenerum attachment

    Use superglue?
  37. Fiske

    Sick Wild Betta

    My wild B. coccina (rip) disregarded anything that didn't move. Microworm should be ok, grindal probably better. Do you only have the one fish? Or if others, do they eat? We need more info.
  38. Fiske

    NatureScape - The End

    Don't let anyone know! The producers will label it "Cat Treats" and charge double! Also, I now consider this thread completely derailed. Back to plants and catfish... Ahem. ..
  39. Fiske

    NatureScape - The End

    It least that's just a cat. I had an 8 year old hanging like that on to the edge of my EA600 yesterday. I nearly p**ped my pants big time. :eek::eek::eek: I like your cat, he's very interested in aquascaping, I can see that :p
  40. Fiske

    New tank plant health

    The clear tips on Microsorum (java fern) is normal for new leaves. It is not uncommon for new plants to shed some leaves btw. That might just be the plant acclimatising to the new environment, some might have been grown emersed at the nursery, and are thus transitioning to submerged leaves...
  41. Fiske

    Eheim Skim 350 for Flow

    It probably will. I use one for added flow in my EA600. Be aware that it probably will de-gas some of your CO2. IME not very much though. You can get similar flow from some of the smallest Hydor powerheads.
  42. Fiske

    NatureScape - The End

    Seeing what and where our yard cats drink, I'm not so sure about that. They actually scorn fresh water from the tap, much preferring a leftover bucket full of rainwater and rotting leaves.
  43. Fiske

    129L. Shallow cube

    I'm in the process of (hopefully) exterminating staghorn. I'm with @Ady34 on this: clean, clean, clean and up wc's along the way. This includes removing mulm and detritus between plants and in substrate. ;)
  44. Fiske

    Aquascaper 600 - Fry

    I hope so! There is plenty of room behind that wood. At an estimate, around 18-20 centimeters to the back glass. I hope to actually have to remove plants at some point.
  45. Fiske

    Where The Jungle Meets Red Rock Creek..

    You could mix a few different colourstrains of Neocaridina, I have done that and have loads of wild coloured, brown, chocolatey and black(ish) shrimp.
  46. Fiske

    Aquascaper 600 - Fry

    Background plants is Aponogeton ulvaceus. And Cryptocoryne crispatula balansae, but they are still quite low. Yeah, hopefully the vertical garden will bounce back. I've seen it when it was in full glory, and it was impressive. It is really massive in size.
  47. Fiske

    Aquascaper 600 - Fry

    Short crap video, with assorted kitchen background sounds, of the current state:
  48. Fiske

    Having a go, with a Sweet Potato..........

    Tried your local thai or chinese grocery? :p
  49. Fiske

    Plants starting to deteriorate- help!

    Always a good idea to trim dying leaves, and remove dead plants. On the whole your plants looks mostly fine, based on pictures, so don't go overboard;) Give it a few days of dosing and just remove obviously dead plant material.
  50. Fiske

    My LFS visit - Aqua Minh Long

    Just wow :wideyed:
  51. Fiske


    Try or for KNO3.
  52. Fiske

    Is this an aquatic moss?

    I think @dw1305 has identified this one a couple of times already.
  53. Fiske

    Is this Cryptocoryne or Aponogeton?

    With the caveat that I'm not a botanist, and in no way updated on crypt taxonomy, here's another vote for C. aponogetifolia. The broader leaves does it for me...
  54. Fiske

    TryHard Dutch Aquascape (Ukaps Edition!)

    I do this; after much faffing about with various solutions, this has proven to be the best so far. You could glue it in place, I did once, but not anymore. 100% guaranteed? Nah, nothing is. I only run my skimmer for extended periods during night, in daytime it's 5-15 mins tops with a timer. So...
  55. Fiske

    Where The Jungle Meets Red Rock Creek..

    Very nice! So now I have to follow both this and the Mission Bathtub? :p
  56. Fiske

    MTS...Just how bad do you have it ?

    4. And half a winebarrel I need to get cleaned for spring.
  57. Fiske

    Aquascaper 600 - Fry

    Thanks for the comments and likes everyone. It was with some trepidation I did the rescape and then left for Berlin for 4 days. In preparation I set the lights low, put the skimmer on 24 hour duty (it is normally on a timer to run a couple of minutes every other hour, and for a handful of hours...
  58. Fiske

    Where The Jungle Meets Red Rock Creek..

    Yup. The dark substrate looks great, and matches the rocks well. I like where this is going. If I had a tank with these dimensions I'd probably go this way, or some kind of hill stream.
  59. Fiske

    Aquascaper 600 - Fry

    Looks over last post.... Dang, it's been a while! Got a refund for the snails from the one seller I actually got around to contacting :rolleyes: So nuthin much has happened for a while, except I had what I suspected was BBA in low volume. I also couldn't get rid of it completely. Growth was...
  60. Fiske

    White Algae? - Still here after nearly a month

    Looks like diatomalgae. Keep a good regime and it should disappear. Otocinclus like to munch it, if you got room for a group.
  61. Fiske

    The aquascaping hobby vs loving nature

    Not gonna argue this ad nauseam, but remember last summer when major breweries all over Europe had a CO2 shortage caused by a rise in LNG prices? Breweries are CO2 users, not manufacturers. Even a lot of bottle conditioned beer gets a bit of CO2 before sealing. Having brewed beer myself, I...
  62. Fiske

    The aquascaping hobby vs loving nature

    That was kind of my point. Change must be systemwide. As for nuclear energy, IMHO, just no. For a whole slew of reasons, one of the foremost being: Do we even have fuel enough for the amount of reactors we need to go on as we do now? Lots of other reasons too, btw Reminds me of a science...
  63. Fiske

    Fluctuating light (amount) recommendations or?

    Make sure it is dimmable, I use a tc420 for my 600S. It runs at 20-30 % currently. Light intensity is massive. Edit: If you are based in Copenhagen, HP Reptiles on Islands Brygge should have tc420s, so you don't need to futz with ebay and such.
  64. Fiske

    The aquascaping hobby vs loving nature

    Although I agree with the sentiment, and a lot of the posts; my take is that a couple of kgs of co2 over a couple of months is negligible compared to other things. Recycle as much of your waste as you possibly can, reduce your meat and dairy intake, use public transport as often as possible...
  65. Fiske

    Opinions for new scape.

    As above, I'd probably choose Tropica soil. GS is nice, but an absolute mess whenever you want to move plants or rescape. GS works fine just capped with gravel by the way.
  66. Fiske

    Advice needed

    I did something like this on my current AS600. It was a new tank, using Tropica soil. I seeded the new filter with material from my old filter, even reused a bit of water, along with hardscape and plants. One of my cherries snuck in with some plants as I was planting, and didn't seem bothered...
  67. Fiske

    My 1st real attempt so help needed please.

    Thanks :) I really need to update that journal. I think you should strive for something at least as beautiful! My crap quality phone pics hide a lot of warts. Maintenance: As little as I can get away with. From now on, 1 weekly waterchange, about 50-60 percent. Probably need to do a weekly...
  68. Fiske

    My 1st real attempt so help needed please.

    I don't think Araguaia is too demanding re. CO2 (I might be wrong), so you should be able to wing it. Liquid carbon can be a useful substitute, especially at lower light settings, if you want to postpone investing in pressurised. Be aware that some few plants dislike LC, though. I have an...
  69. Fiske

    My 1st real attempt so help needed please.

    I think you need to decide whether you want to go high tech or low tech. The plants you do mention will do fine with low light, but your choice of AI Prime points to high tech. Altough you could run it at a low setting, but there's cheaper alternatives then. The choice of plants and lights will...
  70. Fiske

    how many bubbles?

    I've yet too see any one relate that they drowned their fish in water or killed them with oxygen. Someone killing all livestock with CO2 on the other hand... So there's that...
  71. Fiske

    how many bubbles?

    I bought a bottle/jar type counter (in this case a JBL Countsafe) instead of the regular one for my EA600. That really made a massive difference. As a sidenote, and not to offend anyone: I find it somewhat hilarious that between all the test sets, the probes, the discussions on TDS, pH and PAR...
  72. Fiske

    Aquascaper 600 - Fry

    Small update: Around week 6. Still no huge issues. Did a few changes: 1. Changed the direction of the spraybar. Well, actually, I just moved the outlet to the other end, sort of flipped the whole arrangement. Water jets from the spraybar were skewed a bit the left side, where the inlet to the...
  73. Fiske

    Starting tank for bees

    As the subject line says; I'm going to start up my 45P with the aim of trying out some bee shrimp. Much contrary to my usual MO, this will be an all new setup and thus need to cycle for a while before adding shrimp. Plan is to run the tank with remineralized RO water. But for the start...
  74. Fiske

    Poison dart frog build (pic heavy)

    "Throw me a stick! Throw me a stick!"
  75. Fiske

    Aquascaper 600 - Fry

    FTS from today: Still contemplating some changes to the right hand side. Did a complete filter clean today, was probably needed. I've had some surface film for a while; started when I noticed Oto's preferred their cucumber blanched, and nice and goopy after 24+ hours in tank. Also huge...
  76. Fiske

    Help moving tank and fishes

    If it's just a quick ride, and the fish get into a tank with an active filter fairly quick, a closed bucket is fine. With Tropica soil I wouldn't worry to much about ammonia. Give it a quick rinse (preferably in tank water, or else tap) if it is very dirty. If you move fishes with tank water...
  77. Fiske

    Aquascaper 600 - Fry

    Sunlight is not the biggest problem this time of year, luckily. It's fading fast. I've got a few ideas on how to handle it, including curtains and timing of light. So I'll continue dosing as I do now, or even up it slightly, while I continue pushing CO2 to the limit.
  78. Fiske

    Help moving tank and fishes

    Sound advice. In a tank this size I'd remove the substrate as to not stress the silicon in the seams of the tank. I did move a 60L tank once with gravel and around 2-3 cms of water. It weighed a ton. What substrate are you using? If you drain your filter for water, make sure it is plugged up...
  79. Fiske

    Aquascaper 600 - Fry

    I'm a bit baffled this has run for a month without major issues. Fingers crossed tightly as I say: No major crypt melt, no massive algae. I do have a some smaller issues though, hopefully someone can help: 1. I do get a few holes in leaves on crypts (crispatula and wendtii mainly). I'm...
  80. Fiske

    Red Dragon Whiptail catfish.

    Same as these ?
  81. Fiske

    Kessil A80

    Well, I don't have a Kessil since I traded it in for a Twinstar. Not missing it either. I have a much wider range of light with the Twinstar, and personally I like the colour of it better. I could choose colour modes with the Kessil, varying between sickly and pallid. I looked into the A80s but...
  82. Fiske

    Kessil A80

    I have to agree with @DutchMuch, I tried a Kessil 160 for my newest tank, and ended using a Twinstar instead. Impressions outside the noise: I like the shimmer effect, but not enough to pay through the nose for it. The control unit is nice and seems like a good product. Not impressed by light...
  83. Fiske

    New aquascape

    If you keep your established filter material and reuse water you can expect your tank to cycle faster. Other factors may play in here; e. g. if you use an active substrate and how heavily you plant. Expect to do more waterchanges than in a fully established tank, and be careful with the light...
  84. Fiske

    Poison dart frog build (pic heavy)

    Yeah, go on :D
  85. Fiske

    BBA And White Slime?

    My zebra nerite lays oodles of eggs in my tanganyika shelldweller tank. They need salt/brackish water to develop, not for laying them. Some species might lay more than others though, I dunno.
  86. Fiske


    Looks like a happy oto :)
  87. Fiske


    Bit hard to see the belly there though. It could just have a full stomach? Or maybe a bit egg swollen? "fat belly otocinclus" is a used search on Google, try to have a gander on the pictures. If the fish seems fine otherwise, I wouldn't sweat it.
  88. Fiske


    Fat as in well-fed or as in swollen?
  89. Fiske

    Aquarium plant food uk

    Easy Carbo, Liquid CO2, Excel. Take your pick.
  90. Fiske

    Flow direction inline diffuser..?

    Mine is in B position. But because of a bend in the hose it is upside down. Works fine, so do as you like. I really don't think it matters.
  91. Fiske

    Aquascaper 600 - Fry

    Short phone video shot yesterday using only ambient sunlight. Choose highest resolution for best results.
  92. Fiske

    NatureScape - The End

    Works in danish too... Kaffebønnetetra. Ah... Hyphessobrycon if you want to pick nits :pompus:. Common name Gul Fantom Tetra. Apparently not bred in Denmark. They should be quite shy. Those are looking good :)
  93. Fiske

    Big Aquarium

    I wouldn't worry about moisture from an open top tank unless you plan to have an 40.000 litre indoor koi pond. The average human probably exhales more water than most open topped tanks. I am extremely happy about my EA 600, the 80 cm stand suits me like a glove (I'm ~183 cms) when working on...
  94. Fiske

    Where do you buy your dry ferts?

    +1 for APF UK. Though I will probably need to find another once you guys are done brexiting... So any pointers for the remaining EU would be great.
  95. Fiske


    Trying cucumber again :) When I bought mine last week, the tank at the LFS had a silly "broken amphora" type decoration, and almost all the otos were inside hiding. I think they like living out of the spotlight. At least I see them more than my Hara jerdoni.
  96. Fiske


    Some off-brand algae pills from the LFS. They seem a bit reluctant with fresh veggies. Might try cucumber again, it seemed the thing that interested them most.
  97. Fiske


    Having recently, for the first time in a large number of years, gotten a good sized group of otos; my experience is much the same. So I'm guessing it is normal.
  98. Fiske

    Aquascaper 600 - Fry

    I have a huge piece of 20 ppi, so I have considered this already. Might go for it. Branded sponges cost an arm and a leg too... Hey! It means you can skip the gym :p
  99. Fiske

    Aquascaper 600 - Fry

    You're probably right. I changed the original prefilter sponges before I started using the filter, from 45 ppi to 30. Happy I did that. Doesn't seem like they have any coarser than those. Some parts of this filter are well thought out, but I feel there's a few small things that are annoying...
  100. Fiske

    Aquascaper 600 - Fry

    They are a mix of garden variety cherries and some Fire Reds Sakura Red. They also get lot of catfish tabs and stuff, plus the Twinstar light makes some good work towards making reds POP. So a combination of factors, really. But yeah, they do light up the joint. Did a 40-50 % wc today and got to...