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  1. Courtneybst

    London Rainbowfish Breeders?

    Hey! Does anyone know of any rainbowfish breeders in and around London? The shops I've been to all sell the same varieties (Red, Lake Kutubu, Boesmani, Splendida etc) but I'm looking for something different, as there's many more species available. Thanks, Courtney How much wood could a...
  2. Courtneybst

    Nymphoides Hydrophylla 'Taiwan' stunted?

    Hello, I have this plant in my scape and it used to grow right to the top of the tank (2ft). Now it stops at around 10 inches. I did one big trim a few months ago because it was so large. Apparently these plants can be trained to stay small by regular pruning. Does that mean it's now...
  3. Courtneybst

    Journal Impulsive Kusa (Picture Heavy)

    I couldn't setup an ADA shrimp tank like I I decided to jump on the wabi kusa bandwagon. It's not a typical wabi kusa grown on a clay ball, it's just substrate - inspired by Jurijs Mit JS (great guy btw). I just used regular quality compost, dragon stone and the following plants...
  4. Courtneybst

    Rainbowfish Identification

    Hey guys, Does anyone know the species of the angelfish in this video? It was sold to me as Melanotaenia Splendida Splendida but it doesn't look like one to me. From the photos online it looks most like trifasciata or aru II. Thanks for your help in advance.
  5. Courtneybst

    Male or Female Bosemani?

    Can anyone tell me if this is a male or female Bosemani? I have one definite male and one definite female but this one is in the middle. It's about 3 inches long. Shaped like a female but with male-ish colouration. The LFS said it is female. It's hard to get a clear photo as they are always...
  6. Courtneybst

    High Light or not - Help!

    I'm trying to figure out if my lightning is considered high or not. I've got 4 x 54w T5 tubes over 350 litres. It's probably 300 litres with all the displacement. Lights are roughly 60cm from the substrate at the lowest point. Is this considered high lightning?
  7. Courtneybst

    75 Gallon Tidy Jungle

    Hey guys, this is the start of my continous journal of my new aquarium. I'm upgrading from a Fluval Roma 200 which is 44 UK gallon/52 US gallon tank to a Juwel Rio 300 which is 76 UK gallon/92 US gallon. Latest Tank Shot Like my other tank this will be a planted tank. I was previously...