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  1. leonroy

    Tmc Uv is it needed

    It apparently reduces the efficacy of iron compounds in ferts so it's best set the UV on a timer to only come on at night. As for its usefulness in the tank it - UV certainly isn't snake oil, it definitely has a practical use in killing pathogens. It almost certainly results in fewer fish...
  2. leonroy

    grrr... crap broken eheim ecco 2032

    Yeah, had a similar issue but noticed the handle about to pop out of its housing before I pushed it too far. Another issue this plasticky filter has is with the hose locking nuts which make the hose almost impossible to remove. It's not a bad filter for the money but I think a revision 2 is in...
  3. leonroy

    KISS large sump filter design

    Good question. Two things I need to worry about: 1. The rate of flow from the aquarium into the sump 2. The rate of flow from the sump pump back up to the aquarium The aquarium drains into the sump by gravity. So depending upon its height and most importantly the diameter of the pipe used I can...
  4. leonroy

    KISS large sump filter design

    Thanks for the tip on the durso Sanj, never heard of those before. Looks potentially quite useful. dw1305 I've got a great pump already thankfully (in fact quite a few… :) Picked them up over the years. I'm putting the sump in my cellar and the aquarium's in the ground floor living room so...
  5. leonroy

    KISS large sump filter design

    Applying the KISS principles to sump design I've produced what I'm hoping is a simple, and effective sump design: It's for a 220L freshwater tank which is currently in the planning stages. I intend to have the sump handle all filtration and retire the two canister filters I currently have...