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  1. matthewwoodgate

    Eye disease - please help ID

    Hi I have a planted aquarium with shrimp, 10 chilli rasbora and 6 cardinal tetra. Two of the tetra have a white parasite / spot on each eye. Please help me ID and if possible best remedy. Obviously I know what white spot is and usually this would affect all fish and be all their bodies. This is...
  2. matthewwoodgate

    Fish suggestion

    Ok so maybe a few tetra of some kind? I know one other comment was to not have any fish at all which I kind of agree with. I’m scared of keeping up with keeping the water clean from poop, pee and uneaten fish food. Kids and wife desperate for some kind of fish though. Might try 3 or 5 cardinals...
  3. matthewwoodgate

    Fish suggestion

    Hi there I have a 20 litre planted dennerle nano cube home to about 20 shrimp. I’m looking for a fish that can be kept solitary. I considered beta Splenda but they can even go after shrimp. Any ideas? I’m looking for something that stands out.