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  1. matthewwoodgate

    Trimming roots from Epiphytes?

    Hi can anyone please advise if it’s ok to trim the roots on my Anubias plants. Some of them now reach the bottom.
  2. matthewwoodgate

    Anubias gracilis problem??

    hi can anybody advise me on whats happening with the leaves on my Anubias gracilis. I only planted a couple of days ago. I shortened the roots as advised by tropica. I use tropica specialised ferts added evry other day. 🤔
  3. matthewwoodgate

    Plague of snails!!!

    Is there any sure fire way of getting rid of a plague of snails? Gunna buy some clown loach at the weekend as I have a community tank but I know they won't eat every single one.
  4. matthewwoodgate

    Stem plants reaching the surface

    Hi, can anyone suggest the best thing to do when stem pants (rotala rotundifolia) reach the surface and start growing along the top of the water. Should I leave them or cut them? As they are laying across the surface roots have developed and at each leaf there are new shoots. Thanks. Matt
  5. matthewwoodgate

    Best way to anchor bulbs to the substrate?

    I've just bought some bulbs for my tank. Aponogeton Boivinianus and Aponogeton Ulvaceus I've not planted these before and would like some advice on the best way to anchor them down.