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  1. sparkyweasel

    aquascapes @planting.peet (chnuro)

    Welcome! :)
  2. sparkyweasel

    Back to freshwater after 20 years - help! :)

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  3. sparkyweasel

    New aquascaper

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  4. sparkyweasel


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  5. sparkyweasel

    Your my last hope people!

    I think those are Gold Severums, which are a bit destructive, but nowhere near as bad as Red Devils.
  6. sparkyweasel

    hello there :)

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  7. sparkyweasel

    Hello everyone

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  8. sparkyweasel

    Hi everyone

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  10. sparkyweasel

    Hello 👋

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  11. sparkyweasel

    My aquascaping stuff

    Reservoir Shrimps?
  12. sparkyweasel

    Raising Ricefish From Eggs Ordered Online

    Hobby Protogen is good for emergency infusoria.
  13. sparkyweasel

    Hi from new member

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  14. sparkyweasel

    Creeping in quietly!

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  15. sparkyweasel

    Hi from leicester

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  16. sparkyweasel

    Hello everyone

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  17. sparkyweasel

    New member

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  18. sparkyweasel

    Intro with pics. Hi from NI

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  19. sparkyweasel

    Hello everyone

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  20. sparkyweasel

    When to add fish!

    It makes me feel old when you call these newfangled ideas 'traditional'. lol :)
  21. sparkyweasel

    Hello from Glasgow!

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  22. sparkyweasel

    Finally joined, hi all

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  23. sparkyweasel

    Hi from Glasgow

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  24. sparkyweasel

    Hi From Gloucestershire!

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  25. sparkyweasel

    Royal Mail

    Can we pick more than one?
  26. sparkyweasel

    Hi From Rotherham

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  27. sparkyweasel

    Hello from Glasgow

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  28. sparkyweasel

    Hi from Biggleswade

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  29. sparkyweasel

    Hello from Denmark

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  30. sparkyweasel

    Hi everybody,

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  31. sparkyweasel

    Hi Everyone

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  32. sparkyweasel

    Hi from London!

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  33. sparkyweasel

    ~Heyya new member here!~

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  34. sparkyweasel

    Hello from Stoke

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  35. sparkyweasel

    10 ppi vs floss/wool for polishing

    It's impressive how it even makes the silicone less cloudy. :)
  36. sparkyweasel

    Hi from Oxford

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  37. sparkyweasel

    How much of hard water can bettas tolerate?

    What were the symptoms?
  38. sparkyweasel

    Hi again!

    Welcome back! :)
  39. sparkyweasel

    Dwarf Gourami Help

    I'm sorry, but I don't think it will be very comfortable, with at least two wasting diseases. And as @Gill says the HITH is likely to spread to your other fish. I would treat the tank for HITH as a precaution.
  40. sparkyweasel

    Statement fish?

    How big is the tank?
  41. sparkyweasel

    Hello from Minnesota

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  42. sparkyweasel

    Hi all :)

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  43. sparkyweasel

    Hello from Essex

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  44. sparkyweasel

    Hello from Retford

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  45. sparkyweasel

    Hello from Liverpool

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  46. sparkyweasel

    Hello from Mumbai

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  47. sparkyweasel

    Hello 👋

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  48. sparkyweasel

    Miles Introduction

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  49. sparkyweasel

    Cloudy Water Hazy Water and Algae!

    Those are Platies; Blue Mickey Mouse Platies to be precise. :) I would try increasing the size and/or frequency of your water changes while your tank matues some more. hth
  50. sparkyweasel

    Hello everyone!

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  51. sparkyweasel

    Hello ukaps

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  52. sparkyweasel

    Dutchy here...

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  53. sparkyweasel

    Hi from West Wales

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  54. sparkyweasel

    Hello from Scotland.

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  55. sparkyweasel

    New to this forum

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  56. sparkyweasel

    The Travails of English...

    Or, if you pronounce; gh as in though, o as in people, t as in ballet, and i as in business; it can be completely silent. :)
  57. sparkyweasel

    Corydoras Glass Surfing

    Are there suitable places for them to settle? Sheltered spots in the shade and out of the flow? Suitable substrate for them to rummage in? I believe it's stress. I've never seen them do it in my tanks; they have only swum against the glass for egg-laying. I'm sure you're right, BUT when people...
  58. sparkyweasel

    Apistogramma Borelli Health and Breeding

    I find it excellent, I always keep some in case of unplanned spawnings. The only drawback is the price, which is why I don't use it for large, planned spawnings. You can also use it to start a culture. Microworms are good too. Java Moss is good, probably full of tiny creatures. If you try...
  59. sparkyweasel

    Greetings from Germany

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  60. sparkyweasel

    Getting back in the game

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  61. sparkyweasel

    Hello from Derby

    Welcome! :) Yes, it is possible. And if you get stuck you can get some good help on here.
  62. sparkyweasel

    Hello from North East London

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  63. sparkyweasel

    New to this exciting hobby!

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  64. sparkyweasel

    What is this light brown, stringy algae?

    In addition to the good advice above, I would add some fast-growing plants. If they don't fit with your plans you can remove them when the tank is more mature and your chosen plants are established. I would also add some snails. hth
  65. sparkyweasel

    Hello from Surrey

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  66. sparkyweasel

    Hi from Duxford, S Cambs

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  67. sparkyweasel

    Hello from Markham

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  68. sparkyweasel

    Hello from Scotland!

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  69. sparkyweasel

    Hello from Essex

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  70. sparkyweasel

    CO2 relationship to KH

    what kind of plant?
  71. sparkyweasel

    Hello From West Sussex

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  72. sparkyweasel

    Howdy from California!

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  73. sparkyweasel

    hello from south london

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  74. sparkyweasel

    Social Media Experts

    And how much nicer you could make it? :)
  75. sparkyweasel

    Largest freestanding aquarium in the world explodes

    I wonder how much the report cost? It basically says there was either something wrong with the material or something wrong with the way it was put together. :)
  76. sparkyweasel

    Brown older leaves in a low tech tank

    I think you need a complete fertiliser. API are not very forthcoming with information, but Leaf Zone appears to be just potassium and iron. NT Labs 'boast' that Plant Boost is free from nitrate and phosphate, which are two of the essential plant nutrients.
  77. sparkyweasel

    Hello from the South East

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  78. sparkyweasel

    Hello from nottingham

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  80. sparkyweasel

    Hello everybody

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  82. sparkyweasel

    Hello from Leeds!!

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  83. sparkyweasel

    Hello from London! :)

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