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  1. Westyggx

    Filter Recommendation

    Hi Guys, i don't think my Tetratec 1200 is cutting the mustard in my 125l tank. Can someone please suggest a better one which is going to give me better flow in my tank? Buying another 1200 is probably not an option as i cant fit another one in my cabinet. Cheers
  2. Westyggx


    Hi All, What can i do in the mean time whilst i wait for a new filter or new filter part, hoping to have the bits by the end of the week. I have the Karola running to generate flow but i have no CO2 due to the inline diffuser being out of action as well. Will the tank be ok with lights on and...
  3. Westyggx

    Salt water to fresh water

    Hi I have just bought a tetra tec 1200 that has been used in a marine set up, what do I need to do to use this in my fresh water tank? Can I use the media that's currently in there? A quick response would be appreciated. Cheers
  4. Westyggx

    Cloudy water

    Hi all, Recently I noticed my water has become a little cloudy and it is nowhere near as clear as my friends planted tank. Please see below image. I'm wondering If it's my filtration system? Any ideas would be appreciated, I've looked into the overfeeding etc and it isn't because of that...