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  1. Westyggx

    Is there any need for a rest day in EI dosing?

    I read that this rest day is used so that your tank can use up all the ferts in the water collumn, probably wrong though!
  2. Westyggx

    Dissolving GH booster

    This is the only info on the site. Bee-Shrimp Mineral GH+ has especially been developed for the keeping and breeding of bee shrimp, bumblebee shrimp and tiger shrimp in an aquarium, to mineralise RO water, rainwater, fully desalinated water etc. It raises the total hardness (°dH) without...
  3. Westyggx

    Dissolving GH booster

    I just received my salty shrimp gh+ booster yesterday and it dissolves instantly. Check out our supplier called fresh water shrimp they sell it as well as aquarium plant food.
  4. Westyggx

    Calcium Nitrate

    Nice one bud! Heres hoping the snails pick up!
  5. Westyggx

    Calcium Nitrate

    Ok just dosed a quarter tea spoon, how often am i doing this? Cheers
  6. Westyggx

    Calcium Nitrate

    Thanks for the reply guys I'll give the calcium nitrate a go and see how we get on.
  7. Westyggx

    Calcium Nitrate

    I dont know it was calcium difficiency mate but Alistair had the same issue and he said it could be that, worth a try anyway. I lost a shed load of shrimp a few months back too so could be that. Not sure on the water hardness in my area to be fair i will have to check. Cheers
  8. Westyggx

    Calcium Nitrate

    Wont be able to tell until i get some more snails.. they all died.. poor things.
  9. Westyggx

    Calcium Nitrate

    Hi all, i noticed alot of my snails started to die and their shells went white, so i bought the above from APF. Does anyone know the correct dosage etc and will this cure my issue? Cheers
  10. Westyggx

    Fertiliser Help!

    I agree, check out this link http://www.aquariumplantfood.co.uk/fert ... -kits.html
  11. Westyggx

    What brand?

    Tropica TPN+
  12. Westyggx

    what ferts to use?

    Everything in that pack will be what you need nd it will last ages mate
  13. Westyggx

    EI Dosing what to do I'm on holiday for three weeks??

    I went away in June it a month, my mum dosed as normal, lights as normal, feeding as normal but no water changes. I came back to an algae nightmare lol. Note to self, cut down on everything in half and encourage mother to water change haha
  14. Westyggx

    Plant problems

    Not an expert but looking at the pictures it looks like they are missing nutrients, i think its iron that causes holes in the leaves.
  15. Westyggx

    When do you dose?

    i dose at 8am everyday, co2 comes on at 1, lights at 3.
  16. Westyggx

    Good Dispensing Bottles?

    I just bought some of the ones off ebay from China, must admit they do look good :)
  17. Westyggx

    Good Dispensing Bottles?

    Ta pal!
  18. Westyggx

    Good Dispensing Bottles?

    Hoggie do we know how much each ml in each pump comes out?
  19. Westyggx

    Good Dispensing Bottles?

    id also like to know about these, tried looking online but there only small bottles.
  20. Westyggx

    anyone else paid over the odds for postage?

    If its Johnny from Aquarium Plant food he is a top lad and will do whatever he can to put the problems right.
  21. Westyggx

    Ideal Ferts for Low Stocked Tank

    What's your lighting?
  22. Westyggx

    Our new sponsor.

    John does a good job with the customer service, very efficient with email responding and cannot fault the service and products.
  23. Westyggx

    Our new sponsor.

    I have used the Ferts from here now for over a month and my tank is Lovley and a lush green. John will make you a specific mix to your specs if you like which is what I did. I've just ordered some more this week. Sorry just re read, I didn't use the dry Ferts just the liquid based ones.