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  1. Westyggx

    What is dragon-stone rock?

    Ady I took a pressure washer to it last week and the algae on it didn't budge lol
  2. Westyggx

    What is dragon-stone rock?

    + 1 to that pal!
  3. Westyggx

    Manzanita Wood queries

    You need to place some rocks over it or something heavy for a few weeks, Xmas moss is best attached with fishing line.
  4. Westyggx

    One piece of wood where to position it

    Pic 2 and 5 for me!
  5. Westyggx

    Best way to break up bogwood?

    i did this today used a sledge hammer at work. worked a treat.
  6. Westyggx

    Good examples of Petrified Wood?

    Reigniting this thread as im after some insperation on petrified wood scapes, i cant make up my mind behind this or Dragon Stone.. Cheers
  7. Westyggx

    Opinions for a new scape please.

    Try tracing paper mate.
  8. Westyggx

    ADA step-by-step by ADG Vibe

    Ah ottos?! Got several of them, couldn't work it out that is was them from the video on the iPhone.
  9. Westyggx

    ADA step-by-step by ADG Vibe

    How have I not heard about o-cats before? Very nice video will be keeping an eye on this for updates!
  10. Westyggx

    Advice needed in placing rocks

    Dawod, check out some journals on the forum for ideas on the placement, I like London Dragons placing of rocks in his latest scape take a look for inspiration.
  11. Westyggx

    Advice needed in placing rocks

    Hi there. I would place the middle rock facing upwards rather than flat and put it further back so you can fill the foreground more. But that's just me.
  12. Westyggx

    My log!

    Ok cool, looks very nice! I have some glosso in my tank, i have just trimmed it all down but now it looks ridiculous and i hope it grows back ok! If you are cutting every week may i have some of the cuttings? :) Cheers
  13. Westyggx

    My log!

    Loving this scape, it has inspire me to change mine a little :) Can you tell me, is this plant the one you have in your foreground?