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  1. Westyggx

    Cabinet for P@H Cube

    Hi I am lookin for a cabinet that fits the above the 30l version, does anyone know of any builds that would fit? Thanks
  2. Westyggx

    Dragon Stone

    Hi, Not sure if this is allowed but i dont see why not. Dragon Stone 10kg for £17.95 on eBay item ID is 110867381673 I ordered mine yesterday and was sceptical but this is what i received today.
  3. Westyggx


    Just a heads up if i am allowed to post this here or not? None of the usual stores, TGM or AE had any Utrcularia graminifolia in stock so i googled where i could purchase it from, the above site came up and i called them. They had none in stock but rang Tropica direct for me and will have me 5...