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  1. Westyggx

    My Current Tank

    That hydrocotle is insane! looks great!
  2. Westyggx

    oddn0ise 270litre rebuild + Cory collection

    Re: New to UKAPS Looks awesome that's gonna fill in nicely
  3. Westyggx

    Low tech tank pictures

    Riccia fluitans
  4. Westyggx

    MY RIO 400

    Looks great mate!
  5. Westyggx

    rookie scape

    Looking good mate well done.
  6. Westyggx

    IAPLC 2011

  7. Westyggx

    'Prairie Lands' IAPLC entry.

    Nice scape Mark, well done on the position.
  8. Westyggx

    iaplc entry chilled84 400 from last

    Lol did you leave that random plant pot in there? as well as all the hardware?
  9. Westyggx

    IndoAquascape Contest Result 2011

    Oh cool, where can i get one of these online? I only say because you have many scapes which are awsome and obviously require lots of money :) But it would seem not :) Cheers
  10. Westyggx

    IndoAquascape Contest Result 2011

    Nice pictures :) What are those mini filters called attached to some of the tanks Wen? Also, are you a millionaire? hahaha.
  11. Westyggx

    SuperWen's Aquascape Gallery

    Wow nice tanks! i like 2010's Stonehenge and number 4!
  12. Westyggx

    My First Planted Tank

    Really nice tank mate well done.
  13. Westyggx

    5ft Iwagumi Shallow Tank

    Wow that is very nice mate, impressed
  14. Westyggx

    Dutch - Free plants, see last post!

    George, Did I get there quick enough?