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  1. Westyggx

    Going High-Tech

    Thanks, not really planning to re do the substrate so I will see how things go with lighting and co2 at a gradual rate! Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Westyggx

    Going High-Tech

    Hi All, After a long absence in the hobby i am making a come back to high tech, i have kept my tank low tech with minimal plants but i miss the lush greens and moss growth. Couple of questions. 1) What's the best approach from going low tech to high, especially as i have fauna in the tank...
  3. Westyggx

    Cleaning redmoor for re-use?

    I jet washed mine 3-4 weeks ago, looked like i removed the algae but it came back just as quick.
  4. Westyggx

    How many Amano Shrimp?

    Cheers, got any links to wholesale places?
  5. Westyggx

    How many Amano Shrimp?

    Where can you get them in those numbers for a decent price?
  6. Westyggx

    Best value brine shrimp

    Non of the pages work for me except the home page.
  7. Westyggx


    Yes he has a full time job and does this on the side apperently.
  8. Westyggx


    Yes he's building and delivering 10th feb, trust me he is useless at returning calls and emails its a wonder how he actually gets business.
  9. Westyggx


    He still builds tanks but is rubbish in communicating keep pestering him and he will get back to you.
  10. Westyggx

    January sales ?

    I wish our sponsors would do a post Xmas sale :)
  11. Westyggx

    150l planted aquarium- Tree of Life!

    you need to host it online, this is pointing at your desktop. www.imageshack.us
  12. Westyggx

    Whos going to aquatics live?

    I know mate didnt want to disturb your concentration lol i was around the ukaps stand alot you all probably thought who was that stalker!
  13. Westyggx

    Interview with Viktor Lantos

    +1 was a good read! Thanks
  14. Westyggx

    Whos going to aquatics live?

    Only met bartash today but think I saw eezer the geezer and few others! I was the guy with that black hat with the star on it :)
  15. Westyggx

    Whos going to aquatics live?

    Could do with some myself mate been up since 5.. The things we do for our hobby eh!
  16. Westyggx

    Whos going to aquatics live?

    Great start to the morning.. Ended up at the wrong train station lol, luckily I got up early and had enough time to black cab it to the correct one!
  17. Westyggx

    Whos going to aquatics live?

    Who's going to be selling that Carl yourself?
  18. Westyggx

    New tank!

    All pond solutions also.
  19. Westyggx

    Whos going to aquatics live?

    Ill be going Saturday
  20. Westyggx

    Dragonfly invasion!

    Thanks for that.
  21. Westyggx

    Dragonfly invasion!

    Off topic but I have that nano light kit johnski do you know if we can get better bulbs for them? Mine isn't very bright.
  22. Westyggx

    Seneye Water Monitoring System Review

    Hi carl i watched this last week and it got me interested in buying one, nearly got one on ebay for £50! with the float as well! good review. cheers
  23. Westyggx

    Aqautics Live - Whos going?

    Think im going to have to bring lots of money for the FWS Stand :D
  24. Westyggx

    Aqautics Live - Whos going?

    Great news haha
  25. Westyggx

    Aqautics Live - Whos going?

    Will see you there then Ady and co might have to get a tshirt with my name on haha
  26. Westyggx

    Aqautics Live - Whos going?

    Thought id pop this up so we can get a general feel of whos due to attend? Booked my ticket and train for 10th November, 05:55 train from Manchester :shock:
  27. Westyggx

    Noisy FX5

    Mine was pretty noisy as well so I had to get rid of it, but I did make it better by cleaning it out completely, cleaning the impeller etc but since he bought a new one that kind of eliminates that...
  28. Westyggx

    cleaning a ceramic diffuser

    I place mine in easy carb over night and it works fine
  29. Westyggx

    Pics not showing when using tapatalk

    Re: Pics not showing when using tapatalk Same, tends to be when they are via Flikr.
  30. Westyggx

    What Mesh size for Moss?

    I offer the circular discs, not sure if you have seen them. Cheers
  31. Westyggx

    Time when lights switch on

    4-10 currently
  32. Westyggx

    My Product reviews

    I enjoyed the reviews Carl so i subbed a few weeks back.
  33. Westyggx

    Unzan Stone ADA Tank

    Any update on when TGM are getting this stone lads?
  34. Westyggx

    Glass cleaning

    Ah! Cheers
  35. Westyggx

    Glass cleaning

    Ta bud will take a look there tmz! What the link i posted?
  36. Westyggx

    Glass cleaning

    Ok bud ill do that then, although i was watching this youtube video today at work http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pTcsnp4 ... el&list=UL can you see that tool hes using to clean the glass? i want one! Anyone know where to get it? Ps.. does he have a journal on here?
  37. Westyggx

    Glass cleaning

    Ian, i get my tank this weekend mate what have you been using to clean yours? Cheers
  38. Westyggx

    Getting away with an office nano...

    It kind of got tiresome doing maintenance especially at work and thats why i tore it down. Cheers Hi Mike, i did keep one at work until a few weeks ago see above for my answers.
  39. Westyggx

    Get excited and make something.

    Wow great result in the end, great fine tuning as well to complete the scape.
  40. Westyggx

    Open top tank evaporation, how much of an issue?

    I have to top mine up by Thursday (water changed on sunday) i probably loose about 5ltrs.
  41. Westyggx

    sinking wood

    Drill it to a piece of slate heavy enough to sink it and then bury it under the substrate.
  42. Westyggx

    how many members partners get involved with the hobby

    Exactly like yours mate, i tell her water change day is sunday so she moans if i say it has to be done a certain time because she wants to go out walking or such :)
  43. Westyggx

    Seeping Wood

    Happened to me and my amano shrimp ate it all within two days :)
  44. Westyggx

    Aquarium Chemicals: Economy of Scale Discounts: Suggestions

    Easy carbo think I get 500 ml currently
  45. Westyggx

    Very cool "ADA View" Video

    Ah thank you for that.
  46. Westyggx

    Very cool "ADA View" Video

    Can someone explain why the plants at the back were not put into the substrate and looked like they were kept in the rockwool or something? Cheers
  47. Westyggx

    Massive amazon tank

    Wow that tank is a beast!
  48. Westyggx


    Yep seems there back :(
  49. Westyggx

    You can follow me on Twitter

    Yeh I follow you Mark.
  50. Westyggx

    You can follow me on Twitter

    Anyone else got twitter? Follow me @Westles
  51. Westyggx


    I'm on the forums every hour of the day at work ha, I'd be part of a spam team!
  52. Westyggx

    'Vintage' UKAPS

    Wow look at the changes haha.
  53. Westyggx

    Green machine vid

    Cant believe how good this scape is i am in awe!
  54. Westyggx

    Assasinated cardinal!!!

    I actually have heard about this before when I was reading up on them. No idea how they catch fish tho!
  55. Westyggx

    British Macro-algae tank ~ Now Video!

    Doesnt work for me mate
  56. Westyggx

    Visit to Planted Tanks shop, Selby, N.Yorks

    Can i have some advice on soaking plants Tony as i normally just put my plants i buy straight in :oops:
  57. Westyggx

    Visit to Planted Tanks shop, Selby, N.Yorks

    Cheers Tony, we had 490 calls last night lol and many of the pumps (fire engines) were getting bricks thrown at them etc!
  58. Westyggx

    Visit to Planted Tanks shop, Selby, N.Yorks

    Frostie sorry to sound thick but how do i know which ones are mother plants? cheers
  59. Westyggx

    Water Lice?

    I have a shed load mate so I guess I'll have to leave them.
  60. Westyggx

    Water Lice?

    Thanks, any idea how to get rid the fish cant get to them as there in the substrate?
  61. Westyggx

    Water Lice?

    Hi All, started to see these critters in my tank around the substrate anyone have an idea of what they are and how to get rid?
  62. Westyggx

    aquatropic 80 from maidenhead aquatics

    Hi Dan, do you really want a brand new tank? there are many tanks going for alot less money at aquarist classified (google it) you can sometimes pick up all the gear you need for a planted tank in here if you look and search for the right stuff and at a great price too!
  63. Westyggx

    Lid or no lid?

    My next tank will be open top but only because its a pain in the back side doing water changes etc with my modded lids.
  64. Westyggx

    small wiggle white larvae

    If you have a lot of them you can get rid of it with a treatment i think you get it from Aqua Essentials but not too sure. Because there has been reports of them attacking and killing shrimp.
  65. Westyggx

    small wiggle white larvae

    Can we get an image? If its name is Planaria then you can get treatment from an online store for them.
  66. Westyggx

    Aqua Journal E-book subscription information!

    Just relaying info that APF posted on facebook :) E-book of Aqua Journal in English will start its subscription soon, and followings are the subscription information including the price. With E-book, you can read the most exciting articles and get latest news about Nature Aquarium in English...
  67. Westyggx

    Nanos are amazing!

    Ditto, Tom you got any of that ADA bag left? :D
  68. Westyggx

    Nanos are amazing!

    Gonna have to get me one of these!
  69. Westyggx

    Nanos are amazing!

    Looking good Tom is this the PAH cube?
  70. Westyggx

    Holiday Advice

    Cheers for the advice, i currently dose 2ml of easy carbo/profitip/TPN+ daily shall i cut this down to at least 1ml? CO2 down as well? It would be good yes but i cant trust my mum to do it or it would be disasterous haha
  71. Westyggx

    Holiday Advice

    Hi Guys, I am going to sunny Key West Florida on the 1st June for a month, and subsequently wont be able to do any water changes. I will however be getting my mum to dose my tank daily and feed. Do you have any advice in terms of not doing any water changes and getting excessive Algae? Do i...
  72. Westyggx

    Meet at a1Matt's - Scape competition poll!

    Voted :) Number 1 looks awsome
  73. Westyggx

    planted help needed on a mature tank

    You need to feed your plants by supplementing nutrients/fertilisers instead of the substrate change right now.
  74. Westyggx

    Tgm visit

    Any pics Matt? thinking of going myself.