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    controlling co2 levels with yeast system

    is there anyway the rate of co2 entering the tank can be altered with a yeast based system? such as using a clamp on the co2 tubing etc?
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    9w for 20L???

    Hi, i have recently purchased a small aquarium of 20 litres. it has a built in light which is 9 watts. would this level of light be adequate for most plants? i will be using ada amazonia as substrate aswell.
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    washing gravel

    i recieved my gravel substrate this morning but its very dirty and is proving to be a nightmare to wash through. there must be an easier way. anyone have any ideas?
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    splitting anubias nana

    my anubias nana is growing really well and was wondering how i go about splitting it to make some smaller seperate plants?
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    low light floating plant.

    can anyone recommend a low light floating plant please.
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    can anyone a recommend a good pair of long scissors gor general plant maintanance please.
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    rooting wisteria

    i have some wisteria which has plenty of roots up the stem but none at the bottom so it keeps coming unplanted. is this normal?
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    where to find nerites

    Hi all, i have been looking to purchase a few nerite snails for some time now but AE and are sold out and have been for a while. anyone know where i can get hold of a few?