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    1st real scape, 110 ltr

    Well after alot of planning I've got the tank more or less looking like I thought it would. Couple of problems, the moss was tied around the wood for a week in alot lower light so is like a browny green colour and if it doesn't recover with better lighting and CO2 it'll be getting replaced. Also...
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    Questions on My New Kit.

    Got my D-D complete CO2 set delivered the other day, and the instructions are a little sparse to be honest, I’ve got it all connected up, checked for leaks etc, but there are no instructions for what to set it at as far as the pressure and valves go. Could anyone here with a set let me know...
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    T5 as Opposed to T8

    Don't know if anyone could help but I've got a question about the lighting differences of T5 & T8. If the standard WPG rule applies to T8 lighting what would the equvilent be for T5? For instance if I I've got a 32Gal tank and I put a 48W T5 setup on there what would the equvilent be for T8...
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    Fert Dosing & Carbon Filters.

    I've started dosing my planted tank with TPN+ & Flouish Excel. I was wondering if you have to remove the Carbon pad from my external filter in order for my plants to get the minerals? As I know the carbon filter need removing when you add fish medication to the tank. Thanks.
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    My First Tank

    Hi guys, My tank is just over 4 months old now and is looking pretty different from how it looked when it was first setup. Hope you like it January 09 April 09