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    DIY OverFlow Pipe

    My DIY Overflow Pipe :D
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    Shrimpys Heavy ball part 2

    Shrimpys Heavy Ball part 2 UPDATE Hi guys. i have just found another site to put the videos on . it has much better quality than YouTube. the only conditions are that you have to turn your sound up till your ears bleed. ok they never said that . i did :hilarious: Shrimpys ball part 1...
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    New Shrimpy Video

    New Shrimpy Video :lol:
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    Shrimpy International Shrimp of Mystery

    you need your sound on for this
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    shrimp with only one claw

    Hi Guys. i was in a pet store the other day and i seen a shrimp with only one claw. well there where about 10 of them in the tank. as the shop was full i never got a chance to ask the staff what it was. it was about inch long with one claw. anyone know what it might be ? and would it be ok with...
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    Understanding a Water Report ?

    Hi Guys i have just got hold of a Water Report today and I'm having problems reading it. i want to know the normal stuff like KH GH PHOSPHATES MAGNESIUM CALCIUM NITRATE but i don't seem to be able to find them on this report. ok so what I'm asking is do they have different names on a U.K...
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    GH Booster and E.I Dosing

    Hi Guys. Is it ok to make a stock solution with Potassium Phosphate and Potassium Nitrate and some GH Booster all in the same bottle to add to my tank. Thanks All