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  1. BigTom

    Go get some leaves!

    Went for my annual leaf collecting walk this afternoon and got a nice mix of beech, oak, sweet chestnut and sycamore which should see me through 'til next autumn. Beats paying to have Indian almond leaves flown halfway around the world! Great for shrimp and breeding fish, and can add a nice...
  2. BigTom

    Heater exploded - what's inside?

    Hi all, Just had one of my plastic 'safety' nano heaters explode with a bang. Looks like the top popped off, and there's now a lot of white powdery stuff all over the tank and a pretty acrid stench. Fish are out and in a bucket and sseem OK for now, but I'd quite like to know what is now in...
  3. BigTom

    You know you've spent too much time on UKAPS when...

    ...you're quite excited to find java moss colonising your bathroom. :D
  4. BigTom

    Amazonas articles

    Hi all, Just thought I'd point you guys at the current issue of the new English version of Amazonas, which is available for free to view online and has several articles about plants in it, including quite an interesting look at how some of the popular aquarium species are found in nature -...
  5. BigTom

    Shrimp on a plane!

    I'm off to the Netherlands for a few days at New Year, and seriously considering smuggling back a few shrimp in my hold luggage. As far as I can tell it isn't illegal to bring small numbers of tropical shrimp into the country from Europe for personal display, but it is definitely against the...
  6. BigTom

    Nanos are amazing!

    Just set up a 1' cube, cost about £16 to completely fill it with plants. Seems amazing coming from my ridiculously dimensioned Bucket of Mud! I feel like a cheat :lol: Sneak peak, may set up a journal for this little chap -
  7. BigTom


    Damn snow! Ordered £100 worth of plants from various sources that were due to arrive over the last 2 weeks, all of them have failed to turn up and are presumably rotting away somewhere in Royal Mail's backlog of 6 million parcels. Snowing again as I type so seems unlikely they'll be here...