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  1. BigTom

    Tom's Paro stuff.

    Hi all, After spending a while breeding loaches and cyprinids in my nanos they'd all become pretty neglected and run down, so I am turning them over to Parosphromenus. The first tank is now up and running. It has a false back made from coarse foam which acts as a mattenfilter, substrate for...
  2. BigTom

    [Nano] Blackford Hill

    Went for a nice little walk up to Blackford Hill in Edinburgh today, and with a little rootling around came up with some hardscape for the middle of three P@H nanos, for which I had been awaiting inspiration. Walking back with pockets full of rocks and a whole bunch of ivy stems was less fun...
  3. BigTom

    [Nano Cubed] Some Accidental Jungles - now buy 1 get 2 free!

    I had no intention of buying a second tank, and then accidentaly came home with one. So I thought, I'll try out a minimalist hairgrass scape. Then I saw some Lileaopsis which just looked so green and lovely I had to buy it. So, a minimal hairgrass and lileaopsis scape. Then I found some...