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  1. BigTom

    Live food culture - Crangonyx pseudogracilis

    Thanks Darrel, mine just arrived alive and kicking :)
  2. BigTom

    Live food culture - Crangonyx pseudogracilis

    Yes please Darrel, I've got a new tank set up with a built in refugium and my Hyalella seem to have all vanished. Sent from my HUAWEI GRA-L09 using Tapatalk
  3. BigTom

    What to you are good/bad signs when in a new LFS

    Having been working in a (pretty decent) LFS for the last 18 months I reckon I've got my eye in. As ever, it's a bit of a balancing act. Well decorated tanks or planted system tanks are much better for reducing stress, but easier to miss the odd dead fish tucked down the back. We run a very...
  4. BigTom

    How do you pronounce UKAPS?

    You-caps Posting from my mobile, please excuse brevity!
  5. BigTom

    rugby world cup

    Don't know who to support today! Japan played so well against SA that I'd love to see them go through, but after spending 13 years in Scotland it's hard to root against them. Posting from my mobile, please excuse brevity!
  6. BigTom

    rugby world cup

    I'll be behind England all the way but I'm expecting a Trinations rampage to be honest. Posting from my mobile, please excuse brevity!
  7. BigTom

    Plants are a mess, to much light obviously and needs a thourough cleaning.

    Not enough flow, should be more like this -
  8. BigTom

    Strange worms in substrate...?

    That's a leech not a flatworm. Probably harmless but unsightly and tricky to get rid of. You can try baiting them with some meaty food but I've never managed to eradicate them from the one tank I have them in.
  9. BigTom


    I just did a minor job to enlarge two buttons on one of my cameras in order to improve the ergonomics. Someone had sent me one of the little tester sachets. Sent from my Xperia T using Tapatalk
  10. BigTom


    I have used it. Works really well but I've no idea if its aquarium safe. I'd probably try asking the manufacturers if its known to leach anything in water. Sent from my Xperia T using Tapatalk
  11. BigTom

    Salty UKAPS?

    Yeah probably softies and montipora. I also really like ricordea and chalice corals, but they're a touch trickier and $$$. I want to try and be a bit restrained and stick to 2-3 types, rather than have 'one of everything' like a lot of reefers seem to do. Fauna wise, probably smaller inverts...
  12. BigTom

    Salty UKAPS?

    Have put up a journal on TSB for those interested - http://www.thesaltybox.com/forum/nano-tanks-11-30gal/157603-toms-box-rocks.html
  13. BigTom

    Salty UKAPS?

    I blowtorched them to be on the safe side. At that small size (5mm long) I'm hopeful of getting pretty much all of them.
  14. BigTom

    Salty UKAPS?

    First life! Unfortunately, I think it might be Aiptasia? Kill it with fire?
  15. BigTom

    Salty UKAPS?

    Yeah I've been trying to do stuff relatively cheaply, re-use old equipment where possible and get staff discount on a lot of stuff and I've still probably spent £200 so far (10kg of live rock was a bit wedge of that). I could have saved about 50 quid by buying used LR and using NSW I guess. The...
  16. BigTom

    Salty UKAPS?

    Thanks Colin. I have heard a few horror stories about Caulerpa but I do really like the look of it, and it'd fit the sort of habitat I'm aiming for. Still plenty of time to do some reading and wimp out, haha. 10kg of pet rocks just went in, still need some more rubble for the back.
  17. BigTom

    Salty UKAPS?

    Its a ~40cm AIO cube (40x42x30 when you discount the back section). About 60l realistic water volume... just got the water, salt, heater, return pump and powerhead in there at the moment. Pet rocks are going in today. Flow is a little low at about 25x turnover but will probably add a second...
  18. BigTom

    Salty UKAPS?

    Super, thanks for all the suggestions chaps. I think I'd found most of them myself but good to have opinions on where's good. Sent from my Xperia T using Tapatalk
  19. BigTom

    Salty UKAPS?

    Hi all, I've just started a little foray into the salty side and wondered if anyone had a recommendation for a reef forum to poke my nose into? Preferably with some of the same sort of knowledgeable and progressive folk that we have on here! Cheers, T
  20. BigTom

    What do you want for Christmas?

    I got fish :D Sent from my LT30p using Tapatalk
  21. BigTom

    SeriouslyFish down?

    OK, PM'ed Matt. Not sure if he's about at the mo but hopefully he or Dunc will soon be aware that the hamster needs feeding, or whatever.
  22. BigTom

    SeriouslyFish down?

    If I remember later I'll pm Matt a link to this thread so they're aware. Sent from my LT30p using Tapatalk
  23. BigTom

    SeriouslyFish down?

    It's fine for me Ed.
  24. BigTom

    For those that can't afford a holiday this year....

    Heh yeah you do sometimes wonder why you've just spent 20 minutes watching footage of two guys eating chicken and looking at a map in a dank hotel room, or driving for 8 hours down a potholed road in what feels like real time. But then you get rewarded with something absolutely amazing and it's...
  25. BigTom

    For those that can't afford a holiday this year....

    I bugged Ivan about series 3 last month and he said 'very soon', but nothing so far :/ Sent from my LT30p using Tapatalk
  26. BigTom

    Mantis Shrimp

    Haha yup. Should be whale sharks.
  27. BigTom

    Moths and their scale/dust

    I think this is mostly an old wive's tale, although I do recall that there are a small number of moth species in South America which have barbed spines on their abdomen with a mild venom that can cause irritation if handled or inhaled. Reminds me of a university friend who was terrified of...
  28. BigTom

    Decisions Decisions on upgrade

    I drop my Xperia T on a more or less daily basis and it still looks almost new :p Doesn't even have a case/protector.
  29. BigTom

    Decisions Decisions on upgrade

    Apple products are brilliant (for fashionistas and technological illiterates). I'd go with the Sony, really like my lowly Xperia T.
  30. BigTom

    Love it, or hate it?

    Wild nights in eh Alastair? :p
  31. BigTom

    New full-time career in aquatics

    Congratulations George, that sounds ace.
  32. BigTom

    Calling All Petrolheads

    Bad thread, it's making me feel guilty about being too broke to fix all the bits falling off my poor old Prelude! It deserves a better owner.
  33. BigTom

    Storm of the century

    Pfff, it's no Hurricane Bawbag is it.
  34. BigTom

    any gaming pc boffins

    Yeah should be fine. Slap a 7770 in there and you're done.
  35. BigTom

    any gaming pc boffins

    120w sounds extremely low. Can you spot a model number or anything?
  36. BigTom

    any gaming pc boffins

    Yeah, the kid is definitely going to want BF 3 or 4 now he's got a new computer though :p
  37. BigTom

    any gaming pc boffins

    That's an outrageous bargain. I'd be looking at putting a AMD 7750 or 7770 in there (£60-75) , or one of the equivalent new R7 cards, unless you're considering upgrading the CPU at any point, in which case it'd be worth spending a little more.
  38. BigTom

    any gaming pc boffins

    Looks like an OK board, should give you some scope to upgrade the CPU down the line if required (accepts Socket 1155 CPUs - i3/i5/i7).
  39. BigTom

    any gaming pc boffins

  40. BigTom

    any gaming pc boffins

    If those are PCI-E x16 slots then that's fine, but if they're old legacy PCI slots then you're going to have difficulties. I'm not sure anyone even makes PCI graphics cards any more.
  41. BigTom

    any gaming pc boffins

    Righto. Actually, I just realised the processor is probably an Intel G620, but the same advice applies.
  42. BigTom

    any gaming pc boffins

    £75 is a decent price, but you'll definitely want to add a standalone graphics card - assuming the "620 2 core" is an Athlon X4 620 then the integrated HD4200 graphics capabilities are pretty rudimentary, so I'd want to spend about the same amount again on a graphics card to augment it. Find out...
  43. BigTom

    any gaming pc boffins

    How much are they asking Mark? And what size monitor will he be using?
  44. BigTom

    Any runners out there?

    My girlfriend is hopelessly addicted. If she doesn't get in a good 8-10km daily she gets really frustrated. I'm more of a sitter-downer :p
  45. BigTom


    Yuck! :p
  46. BigTom

    Help needed - very bizarre and a bit off topic...

    Standard 'stranded traveler scam'. Sounds like Diana's email address has been compromised.
  47. BigTom

    Used car found and bought

    Heh I know how you feel. My old Primera had a terminal MOT failure at 197k miles two years ago - had been in the family for 12 years and never let anyone down. Felt like I'd lost a limb or a friend. At the very least an old pet! Trying not to get too attached to the 15 year old Prelude I...
  48. BigTom

    What Andy Murray really said.

    I don't like the English much, and I am English. You get a lot of anti - English banter in Scotland (and Wales, and Ireland, and even Cornwall!), but most of it is just that. Obviously there are a few of the usual bigots and young males who take it a bit far. Pointless making a big deal of it...
  49. BigTom

    Ebay co2 reg scammer

    Assuming you paid by PayPal you should be able to get your money back very easily. There's a huge amount of buyer protection on eBay these days.
  50. BigTom

    England or Wales? (rugby)

    Definitely the toughest match of this six nations for England. Expecting a lot more tension than tries. Have a horrible feeling that Wales are going to edge it, just hope by no more than 6 points.
  51. BigTom

    Pancake day!

    Nom. Started with bacon, mushrooms and cheese, then maple syrup, then lemon juice and sugar and finished with clotted cream icecream and a blueberry and cholocolate sauce!
  52. BigTom


    Great to have you back George.
  53. BigTom

    Parcelfarce Deliveries

    So as an amusing extension to this... the LED lights were posted in mid-June, arrived in the UK on time, sat in my local depot for 3 weeks while PF failed to send me notice of import duties and also claimed not to have my parcel when I went and asked, were then returned to sender....got to...
  54. BigTom

    Parcelfarce Deliveries

    Apparently any postage refunds/claims can only be made by the person who posted, in the country of origin. Suspect that's going to be a pain in the blahblahblahblah and all.
  55. BigTom

    Any Marine/Freshwater Biologists on UKAPS?

    Well I did my undergrad in Zoology at Edinburgh, graduated 2006. Then did an MSc in Biological Photography & Imaging in Nottingham 2007/8, and am now back at Edinburgh and 3 years into my PhD looking at the ecology of a remote Hebridean subspecies of field mouse and about to hit the wall hard I...
  56. BigTom

    P@H Cube (optiwhite lookalike)

    In store only Kris. Not sure what current stock is like, worth ringing to check before heading out.
  57. BigTom

    Any Marine/Freshwater Biologists on UKAPS?

    I know there are several of us here with some background in biological sciences, not sure about marine biologists though.
  58. BigTom

    Parcelfarce Deliveries

    Yup. I'm now away for home for 6 weeks so will have to wait until the end of September to get it posted back again. So frustrating!
  59. BigTom

    Parcelfarce Deliveries

    I'm in the middle of a classic bit of Parcelfarce action at the moment... Bought an LED light from someone in Australia, posted by standard airmail so no tracking. Waited several weeks for it to arrive with no luck. Went to my local depot to check if it was there, noone could find anything...
  60. BigTom

    Euro 2012

    Erm, mini, needle and trident java fern... Hygrophila pinnitifada, some floaters, various hydrocotyles, couple of nice largish green/red swords. I'm sure I could find something interesting.
  61. BigTom

    Euro 2012

    Hah, I'll take those odds Nath. Only got plants to wager though...
  62. BigTom

    Royal Mail

    I had a really rough patch with my post in Edinburgh about a year ago. Probably 1 in 5 packages was going missing. Seems much better recently, thankfully.
  63. BigTom

    Just wanted to see if i could post a pic

    Almost there Tom, you just got a close bracket in the wrong place, and you need the URL of the image itself, not the page its on (normally right-clicking the image will give you the option to copy the URL, unless it's wrapped up in some other code, which might be the case with flickr - don't use...
  64. BigTom

    Help buying laptop

    Another place that is well worth looking is the Dell Outlet. They sell all the refurbished and customer returned laptops at heavily discounted prices. The stock gets updated daily, and they're pretty much the best value laptops in the UK, as far as I know.
  65. BigTom

    Price of stamps going up!

    I must admit I've always thought it's fairly remarkable that for the price of a mars bar you can get someone to carry your letters the length of the country and hand-deliver them next day. But maybe that's because I grew up somewhere where the only place in the entire country you could get mail...
  66. BigTom

    UKAPS changes the way you speak...

    I think most forums tend to have their own little memes, and it's easy to pick up the more subtle ones without really noticing.
  67. BigTom

    Volunteer needed for St Kilda ecology field trip

    I has been pretty regular (9 trips over the last 2 years), but just three trips left to do now and I already have volunteers lined up for the other two.
  68. BigTom

    Volunteer needed for St Kilda ecology field trip

    OK, I'm slightly trepidatious about putting this up on a forum, but what the heck :lol: I find myself short a volunteer to help out with my next field trip to St Kilda (Outer Hebrides, Scotland), leaving next Sunday 4th March from Edinburgh. The trip will last 5 weeks (returning 10th April)...
  69. BigTom


    Spambot :p
  70. BigTom

    1st Generation iPod Nano

    Tempted to head off and buy 100 refurb ipod nanos on ebay and return them all. Something'll go wrong though :lol:
  71. BigTom

    Aquatics Live 2012

    For the first time in 3 years I'll actually be on the mainland in November. Tempted!
  72. BigTom

    A bit bored?...A truly awesome video.

    Flying squirrel suits, best suits.
  73. BigTom

    Jobs; What do you do?

    3.5 years. I'm exactly the same mate, got my head firmly buried in the sand about the amount of work I have to do - there is a growing sense of foreboding though! We think these mice might be eating some eggs but you're probably thinking about the mice on gough island, which eat albatross chicks...
  74. BigTom

    Jobs; What do you do?

    I'm nearly 2 years into a PhD studying the ecology of giant flesh-eating Viking mice in the Outer Hebrides.
  75. BigTom


    Yup, watched it last time it was on iplayer. Excellent 'miserablist' police drama, highly recommended for people who enjoyed Wallander, The Spiral etc.
  76. BigTom

    Amano's Complete Works book

    Just found this for £22.15 including postage, have ordered one, hopefully legit! Thought I'd mention it in case anyone was still thinking of getting a copy. http://www.alibris.co.uk/booksearch?qwo ... ting*title
  77. BigTom

    Amano's Complete Works book

    Is that the English version George? Just wanted to check the ones on Amazon etc were actually now in English as stated.
  78. BigTom

    Busy busy times. New learnings...

    As someone doing a PhD in ecology, I know how hard it can be to keep a really tight focus on where you're going. As I'm sure you've figured out by now, the most important thing is to pack in as much practical experience as possible: you're in a broad and competetive field, simply be good at as...
  79. BigTom

    what car are we driving?

    Pfff, you can all bow down in front of my 1996 Nissan Primera - 187k, original everything, passed its last 3 MOTs without a single fault, gets left for 6 weeks at a time parked on a jetty in the Western Isles and starts first time every time I get back. Oh, and its like driving a sofa :p
  80. BigTom

    If you could have any career...?

    Can do. I know a guy making good money as a food photographer in London who only shoots 2 days a week, although he does a bit more here and there.