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  1. BigTom

    LED/MH/T5 equivalence - guesswork help needed!

    Hi all, I know this is going to be tricky without any PAR info, but I was hoping between us we might come up with a good guess. I'm looking at changing the lighting on my Bucket (90x90cm, 30cm tall) to a custom LED setup. Currently, it's running off a single 70W MH suspended 60cm above the...
  2. BigTom

    Using main ceiling light over open-topped tank?

    Hi all, I'm finally starting to get my new project set up (90lx30hx90d, open-top), and ended up changing where I had it set up, so that it's now directly underneath the main ceiling light for the room. Now this light rarely gets used as I have lamps and stuff, and I was wondering if it might...