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  1. BigTom

    Where to buy in Scotland.

    Yeah Colin is ace, especially for Asian stuff. Sent from my Lenovo K50-t5 using Tapatalk
  2. BigTom

    Reading/Richmond/London recommendations

    Hi all, Planning a brief jaunt to the south east next month - I'll be staying overnight in Reading, driving to Richmond then hopping on the tube to Kensington/Hyde Park then perhaps into central London. I see that Aquatic Design Centre is within striking distance and would like to visit...
  3. BigTom

    Large wood in Manchester

    I can think of one or two things that could easily be cleared out and posted to Cornwall :D
  4. BigTom

    Large wood in Manchester

    Calling Alastair! Sent from my LT30p using Tapatalk
  5. BigTom

    Where to buy in Scotland.

    Maidenhead in Edinburgh have some ok stock now. I pop in now and again but have yet to actually buy anything. Their prices are pretty high and they don't tend to stock many of the sorts of fish I tend to be interested in, but worth a look if you're in the area (I still hate their choice of site...
  6. BigTom

    Ecology of the Planted Aquarium, Diana Walsted

    Amazon seems to have some. Ecology of the Planted Aquarium: A Practical Manual and Scientific Treatise for the Home Aquarist: Amazon.co.uk: Diana L. Walstad: Books And Waterstones, although 1-2 weeks wait may mean never - Ecology of the Planted Aquarium (Book): Waterstones.com
  7. BigTom

    shops in london with good selection of plants?

    From the website - Freshwater Shrimp Suite 301-302 6 Church Hill, Walthamstow E17 3RY London
  8. BigTom

    heather wood

    Heh, I meant that's what Mark should do. I'd get mine from the Pentlands, much closer!
  9. BigTom

    heather wood

    Time for a nice jaunt to the Peaks :)
  10. BigTom

    Where can I find these fish?

    You might also try Wholesale Tropicals, showing as out of stock at the moment but I'm sure I've seen them listed in stock previously. Tropical Fish Finder.co.uk - The ultimate UK fish keeping resource for all types of tropical and marine fish, including fish books, articles, fish shops, fish...
  11. BigTom

    Best place to order large quantity of HC (Heminathus Callitrichoides)

    If you've got a Dobbies near you then I think they still price Tropica pots at 3 for a tenner. Worth asking if they can order some in, just make sure you collect them quickly before they get a chance to ruin them! Birtsall have good prices on packs of 5 pots as well - Hemianthus...
  12. BigTom

    Where to buy in Scotland.

    Riverside was also fairly unimpressive when I checked it out last year. Never been to any of the society events, quite fancy checking them out at some point.
  13. BigTom

    Where to buy in Scotland.

    Yeah - to be fair, I think they stated that they will be expanding the selection in coming weeks so it should hopefully improve. Still don't like the site though.
  14. BigTom

    Where to buy in Scotland.

    Well, went along to the opening day at the Edinburgh Maidenhead - extremely uninspiring. Small, horribly located premises, generic fish selection (which they weren't even able to sell due to delays with their pet shop licence), one small tank of plants. Hopefully it'll improve and they'll...
  15. BigTom

    Where to buy in Scotland.

    The only one I have experience with is the one in Truro, and they always had a good stock of oddballs. I guess it depends a lot on the manager, but at least being a large chain they should be reliable for ordering things in. Some of the prices are perhaps a touch high... I know they have a...
  16. BigTom

    Where to buy in Scotland.

    Bugger, opposite end of the city! Might have to start going climbing with the other half so I've an excuse to stop in...
  17. BigTom

    Where to buy in Scotland.

    That would be interesting. Any idea on site?
  18. BigTom

    Birstall (good value tropica plants)

    Hi all, Just thought this was worth a quick mention. http://www.birstall.co.uk/ranges/tropic ... nts-1.html They have a good selection of Tropica plants at extremely competetive prices (especially if you're buying large quantities - big discounts on packs of 5 plants), as long as you aren't...
  19. BigTom

    Optiwhite tank builders

    Will be very interested in feedback on those Poseiden tanks. Almost ordered one form him when I was getting the Bucket built.
  20. BigTom

    Shops in Scotland

    I've bought a few things from there, but not really a fan to be honest. Stock tends to be quite generic, often a few dead fish to be found, plants are terrible to non-existent. Coming from outsideinside I don't think you'll be impressed, that place really was the best in this part of Scotland.
  21. BigTom

    Shops in Scotland

    Water Wonders on Gorgie Road in Edinburgh is really shabby looking, and pretty terrible for plants, but they do stock some interesting fish from time to time. Better than the other LFS Edinburgh has to offer, IMO. Generally good selection of SA cichlids, plus in the last few months have spotted...
  22. BigTom

    Good shops close to M5/M6?

    Yeah was eyeing up TGM but think my long suffering girlfriend would finally slap* if I took her on a detour all the way to Wrexham :lol: *typo, was meant to be snap, but actually slap seems more likely now I think about it...
  23. BigTom

    Good shops close to M5/M6?

    Hi all, I'm driving from Edinburgh down to Cornwall over the next two days, and thought it could be fun to drop in at decent fish shops instead of motorway services for breaks. I'm aware of Aquajardin Gloucester being close to the motorway, but was after any other suggestions for places within...
  24. BigTom

    Where to buy in Scotland.

    Just a quick note to confirm that Outside Inside are awesome for both livestock and plants. Water Wonders in Edinburgh often has a surprisingly good selection fo fish as well as a small amount of ADA products, although the plants generally leave something to be desired. I've also just got back...
  25. BigTom

    Good source for cheap rock/stone

    You can find very very similar products at most Dobbies (and other) garden centres as well.
  26. BigTom

    Non-Tropica HC

    I know its not online, but it might be worth checking your local Dobbies Garden World if you have one (or even P@H). My local Dobbies normally has tropica HC in at their standard price of any 3 pots for £10 (the trick is buyign it soon after it arrives before it goes brown and nasty).
  27. BigTom

    Where to buy in the South West.

    The MA near Truro is actually pretty good, they quite often have reasonably interesting fish in and the staff are very friendly. Not as good a selection as Trimar, but some of their stock actually seems healthier and better priced.