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  1. Angus

    A very interesting watch in regards to amazon fish trade.

    Might have been posted before... my apologies if it has.
  2. Angus

    Rescue Discus.

    So i have rescued a discus from a tank at work, it's definitely seen better days, very skinny, and looks a bit stunted, i wanted to give it the best chance so i asked the boss if i could take it home to try and put it right, first i'm going to be feeding it well, direct pipette feeding maybe...
  3. Angus

    Wild caught or captive bred? what is your preference?

    As per title, just curious really, my general preference is captive bred for a number of reasons, but some species are only available wild caught so leaves you a bit limited as to choice, What about you guys? Cheers, Gus.