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  1. BigTom

    Ocean Free Hydra electro-plate filtration - thoughts please

    Hi all, Full disclosure: I'm currently working part time in a LFS, and we recently received a load of new inline and internal filters from a company called Ocean Free. These are being touted as the 'next big thing' and claim to do away with the need for cycling new tanks by ionizing ammonia...
  2. BigTom

    Cloudy water - a little trick

    Hi all, Ever since my last rescape, I've had real issues with perpetually cloudy water caused by extremely fine dust from sand that I forgot to wash. In the past couple of months I've tried 90% water changes and any number of possible remedies... different filter flosses/wools including JBL...
  3. BigTom

    Flow in shallow el natural setup

    Asked this in my journal but no response so figured I'd try here as well... So with most el natural setups the general idea is to have as little surface movement as possible to hold in CO2 produced by decaying matter in the bottom of the tank. However, as my tank only has about 25cm of water in...