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  1. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    From scratch.. pretty much

    Okie dokie.. after serious neglect due to lack of time, and a substrate that went totally sour on me cos I was a dork, I decided to totally start over. This has been an expensive operation! Because of that, the money to spend on plants has been limited.. I shall be propagating more plants over...
  2. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    40"x20"x18" 235ltr - replant and scape

    for everyone that wanted to see :) day 1 of my new scape. early days yet, and some plants in as weeds to bulk up the biomass as fast as possible. 1/2 EI, 1.6 wpg, 2 w/c per week (50%) totally custom tank and cabinet. tank bottom replaced by me 4 months ago, lid made by me to match as well.