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  1. peti44

    From This to This!!!

    my old 85 liter tank. (It was my first planted tank) from this... :crazy: my old 25 liter low tech nano from this to this
  2. peti44

    Peti44's first planted tank

    Thanks! :) Yes, there were 10 Hyphessobrycon amandae, 5 otocinclus affinis and 6 amano shrimp. They are good at hiding, so thats why you can't see them in the picture. :) I don't really know what "dw" means. :eh: Thanks! :) I share you my new tank soon. And some other pictures of this tank...
  3. peti44

    Peti44's first planted tank

    Hi! You may have seen this tank among the Journals, but there is the time for it, to be with the finished tanks. This was my first tank, and I have made many mistakes. That's why it looks like this :| I have learnt a lot, and while preparing my next tank (which I have started already, soon...
  4. peti44

    Moss Spot

    Looks really good! Well done Levi! :thumbup:
  5. peti44

    Where do you have yours?

    It's a really interesting topic. It is a good start of the day, when i look at it. Although my tanks aren't as beautiful as yours, I'd like to show you. This is my 85l tank: Here is my 0,2l pico tank: This photo is very fuzzy, so I'll show you a full-shot. And this is my 25l low-tech tank...