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  1. leonroy

    [CONTEST] UKAPS @ Aquatics Live, Olympia

    Great seeing you Ed, and many, many thanks for bringing your tanks to the show. The scape, quality of growth, and water clarity were all top notch. Truly jaw dropping (and very ADA like). Looks like you took home enough materials to start a whole new tank (or two ;) ) I'm looking forward to...
  2. leonroy

    Second meeting at ADC.

    Welcome, thanks for all your help at ADC today (it was you right?) Here's Jim's layout, it has the full ADA treatment right down to all the fancy CO2 glass and it's one of the snazziest looking tanks in the shop!
  3. leonroy

    Second meeting at ADC.

    I think Jim was in again Saturday afternoon to add some coarse substrate to soften the edges and fit the CO2. I'll pop into ADC after work tomorrow and see if I can get a clearer pic. The ADA setup he used (garden stand, metal pipe set, superjet etc. looked fantastic as well.).
  4. leonroy

    Second meeting at ADC.

    Thanks to Greg and Jim for doing this event. It was a fantastic opportunity to see a fully planted tank being setup and it'll be terrific watching it grow over the coming months. Here are some more pics: Greg welcomes all by TheLeonRoy, on Flickr Sprinkling Penac by TheLeonRoy, on Flickr...
  5. leonroy

    Takashi Amano lecture and workshop in Aarhus, Denmark

    So everyone here booked the Weekend ticket with Amano I presume? Anyone going to the Gala dinner?