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    Why don't we use sumps?

    Hi mate, It's not the same working scheme... On external sump the water is dropping down ,[emoji6] Sent from my GM1913 using Tapatalk
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    Biomaster Thermo 600 Noise

    Only on start ) Sent from my GM1913 using Tapatalk
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    Biomaster Thermo 600 Noise

    Hi, The the vacuum sound. Check the sponges, in case of clogging the sound is louder [emoji6]. The basket + prefilter (fyi I am running the 850 thermo) Sent from my GM1913 using Tapatalk
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    Spraybar for bottom back

    Hi there, I'm currently on same thoughts as you mate. However, the top spray bar will make the tank kind of no appropriate as aquascape or Holland scape... (Imo) I've decided to put spray bar at the bottom back glad (transparent tube - AliExpress full with nice spray bar options) And the...
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    Oase biomaster 850 Pros / cons

    Awesome filter (850) However, I bought it after using floval 407... (Two filters) Both were quite compering to one Oase 850 [emoji28] For now I am thinking go get back towards 407.. ATM waiting for my new cabinet (it will be closed from the back as well ) Once I'll check the hummin inside...