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    Help with New lighting for a vision 260

    Now I am going to show my ignorance and probably embarrass myself at the same time. :oops: If I buy a lighting unit for a 48" tank - are the bulbs I purchase also 48" or do I have to get shorter ones because they fit inside the perimeter of the tank. :?
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    Help with New lighting for a vision 260

    Thank you for this (and the welcome) I will have a mooch around. :) Gem
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    Help with New lighting for a vision 260

    Good evening, Can anyone give me some advice for a confused person. It has been suggested that I might buy a new T5 lighting sytem for my new juwel as the old system was knackered ( think someone must have run over it with a tank when they weren't looking....). I bought the tank the other day...
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    Welcome :) Tell us about yourself

    hello, I have just registered on the advice of John Starkey - who I met in Maidenhead Aquatics the other day. I was given a 4 ft clearseal about 6 years ago which was fairly well set up for what it was. It had various different plants & fish in there including angels which kept trying to...
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    How/Where did you hear about Ukaps.org?????

    from John Starkey in a fish shop