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  1. Mr P

    dragon rock

    hello, I am reducing the hardness of my water at the moment and wondered if dragon stone would raise the PH in the tank.i am using ro water with james c remineralising recipe. thehardness of the tank is pretty much as I want it but the PH has not altered very much. it has gone from 8.1 to...
  2. Mr P

    tds help

    hi everyone,i have a tds meter could someone please explain how I can work out the water hardness using it.i am using ro water with james c remineralising recipe,i am going to keep soft water fish in the tank.any help would be great.many thanks ,roy
  3. Mr P

    ro units

    hi, are cheap ro units any good?and if so could you recommend one, thanks roy.
  4. Mr P


    hello, I have been using clearmax as a water clarifier In one of my tanks. the water is very clear and everything (fish and plants) seems to be doing verywell.does anybody else use it or know of any pros and cons about using it,? all the best roy.