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  1. Mr P

    BBA driving me nuts.

    hello.my tank stats are 175litres.filter.1100litre per hour.koralia 1600.spray bar full lenth of tank.co2 drop checker is light green.2x 24watt T5 lights 6hours on..eco complete substrate . i only recently had to replant my tank due to BBA.i noticed today that it is already starting to...
  2. Mr P

    please help

    i have a 175 litre tank,i am using james c fert recipe and dosing guide lines.i have 2x 24w t5.the filter is a efx300 rated at 1100litres hourand a koraliapowerhead at 1600litres hour,the plants are doing great apart fromanything close to the substrate,i was doing ok with H.C.but it has been...