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  1. Mr P

    arcadia classica otl led

    Hi, has anybody got this light and what do you think of it?many thanks roy.:)
  2. Mr P

    2 or 4 tubes

    hi.my tank at the moment is 80 x50 x55 cm.i have 2 x24w t5s, I am using pressurised co2 and el ferts..the problem is that the sides of the tank do not get a lot of light as the bulbs are a lot shorter than the tank.i am going to upgrade the lights and have been looking at the all pond solutions...
  3. Mr P

    glass lid.

    hello ,i have a 24x12x15 tank with glass sliding lids.i will have 2x24watt t5s,is the loss of light from the lids enough to effect plant growth?, many thanks.