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  1. RolyMo

    Recommendations for an accurate PH meter below £80

    It's nearly Christmas time and family are asking the difficult questions of what would I like for a present. Life would be easy if I could just reply, a new house, a couple of new expensive tanks, filters and lights. But I don't have family who are flush and generous. So I will have to make do...
  2. RolyMo

    How do I reduce TDS?

    First time shrimp keeper. I have just added my first CRS to my nano tank using RO water for the first time and I have a question. Optimum Conductivity/TDS for the CRS appears to be 80-180ppm from my research. If I see my conductivity increasing past those parameters do I just do a water...
  3. RolyMo

    Help something is in the water

    Not sure where to post this, so I thought I would post it here. I have just noticed these critters in the tank. No not the shrimp. I would post a video but not sure how. There are very small white things jumping around the tank substrate. Any idea what they are? Are they harmful? Are...
  4. RolyMo

    TDS Meters Which One?

    Not that I like researching the hell of each item I buy for my tanks, but rather I want to make sure I am getting the right thing for the job and not buying cheap and end up buying twice. So with my new shrimp tank project just kicked off, a kind member suggested I get a TDS meter off ebay...
  5. RolyMo

    Can I use tap water to cycle new tank then switch

    A bit of scene setting. New nano tank for CRS (not bought yet) still in planning stage. About to buy substrate and plants. For cost saving sake can I cycle the tank with just the plants and substrate with tap water and then once cycled, switch to RO? And can I do a huge massive water...
  6. RolyMo

    What do I do with big Catappa leaves?

    Tricky one working out which discussion to post to. In the M&S I chose this because I guess the leaves affect the water chemistry. I bought some rather large Catappa leaves that are currently swirling around the tank waiting to be water logged and sink to the bottom. My question is can i tear...
  7. RolyMo

    Winter Water Change Acceptable temp

    Hi All Was looking to get some advice on water temp whilst doing water changes. I did a water change today where I added water from the outdoor mains water tap via the garden hose. Admittedly the water temp seemed cold. Normal temp for the tank is approx 23 degrees celcius. After filling the...