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  1. Egmel

    Where to get CO2 Cannisters and Refills

    If you have any updates or corrections please PM me or post a reply. WOOT - Google map with pins in! I have recently discovered that calor gas often do CO2 bottles and it might be worth giving your local store a ring if there isn't anywhere listed local to you. Don't forget to let me know if...
  2. Egmel

    Purigen on Ebay

    Just thought I'd highlight that you can get purigen on ebay now works out about £15 for 250ml :)
  3. Egmel

    Cheap Mopani Wood

    I know it's not redmoor but The Range in Colchester is selling some nice bits of mopani wood for £1.99 a piece. I picked up 3 bits, each about a foot long, for the next time I I have a play with my scape... I might even try getting some moss/anubias to stick on them :) Don't know if the...
  4. Egmel

    Good Fish Stores near Guildford

    Does anyone have any shops they can recommend in the Guildford area? I've had a look on the PFK listings and there are a few about but wondered if anyone has any experience with any of them.