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  1. RolyMo

    Your Opinion please on adding RCS to a CRS tank

    Hello I did a spot check on my fish tank today and in particular the internal Juwel filter. The reason I check the filter is because I normally find a cherry shrimp in there. To my surprise I found 2 quite small Cherry Shrimp in the filter. So I am guess someone has been a bit busy!!! :cigar...
  2. RolyMo

    What is the best baby shrimp / shrimplet food?

    Hi guys and gals I have been hovering around the checkout button for some items for my shrimp today. One of the items was some Benibachi Baby food. I get the impression that powder food is best for the little fellas, but wondered if there was a clear winner in the baby shrimp food market and/or...
  3. RolyMo

    Is there an optimum lights on period for CRS Shrimp ?

    I have a small low tech planted tank No co2 Lights on for 6 hours Only CRS shrimp Is there and minimum or optimum time for lights on for the shrimp or do plants take priority? Cheers in advance Roly
  4. RolyMo

    What Autumn stuff can I add to my shrimp tank

    Now Autumn appears to be upon us. I wondered if there were certain leaves and other tree based seed type things that I could take advantage of in my local surroundings for my shrimp and fish tanks. BTW I live in England. I was swear I have several Adler trees nearby me. Or should I say to...
  5. RolyMo

    Some daft newbie questions on shrimp

    I find myself on week 3 of cycling my first nano shrimp tank. Status so far:- Planted, cycling using some filter material from my fish tank. Bundled in with some wool and a 60 dennier stocking end containing purigen, all packed into a nano filter. NO CO2 and lights on for 5-6 hours a day...
  6. RolyMo

    What do I need for my first Shrimp Tank

    Hello I am one year into fishkeeping and in my 180l tank I already have Amano and red cherry's shrimp. I recently added some low grade CRS to the tank and promptly saw them disappear never to be seen again (i'm sure they are there. Just hiding). Which got me thinking that I saw in my LFS...
  7. RolyMo

    What shrimp can I get next?

    Hello. I am now officially 1 year into my new hobby of fishkeeping. You can see what I have on the signature, but in summary its a planted tank, CO2 injected and contains community fish, Amano and Cherry red shrimp. I am in London on Tuesday and was thinking of popping into the ADC shop where...
  8. RolyMo

    Common Snail vs more specialised snails

    New hobby for me. Tank is 49 days in and planted. Was keen to get snails into the tank to keep algae at bay. And sure enough after a couple weeks my wish came true. I got some snails starting to grow. Fast forward to 49 days and the snails appear to be procreating at will. Thus expanding the...