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  1. Mr P

    Hummingbird hawk-moth.

    never seen one, but I would love a crack at photographing one. all the best. roy.
  2. Mr P

    bad weather.

    im not too bothered by the rain but the insects and my camera don't like it much lol!!
  3. Mr P

    bad weather.

    after years of struggling with extension tubes etc I finally got my self a proper macro lens.i love insect photography, since I got the lens typical british weather has taken over,PANTS!!!!:arghh:
  4. Mr P

    Amano shrimp

    hi rob,from what i can see the pics are not too bad,what iso did you use?,the higher the speed you can use you have more chance of getting a sharp shot.i do alot of photography but like you i have not done much with my tanks,i must do some tank pics especially considering the weather we are...
  5. Mr P

    Photography..where to begin?

    hi christor,have a look at some of the photo mag web sites,flickr is worth having alook at,also see if there is a camera club near you,its a great hobby and i find it very satisfying.,all the best ,skankypup :D
  6. Mr P

    Gouramis against the sun.

    the tank looks beautiful,very nice photography. :thumbup:
  7. Mr P

    Getting sharp clear tank shots

    hi chaps,i keep my camera in aperture priority most of the time and it does effect the overall image of your photo,by using a wide aperture you can make your subject really stand out ,small aperture give you front to back sharpness through your photos, you should get in the habit of taking...
  8. Mr P

    Got snow?

    Hi chaps,i got the weekend and managed to grab a couple of snow shots.you got some nice shots george,all the best ,skankypup. http://www.flickr.com/photos/skankypup/
  9. Mr P

    What dslr ?

    have a look on the web,you should get one for £160 approx :thumbup:
  10. Mr P

    What macro lense?

    the tamron sp90 gets very good reviews and is a bit cheaper.
  11. Mr P

    What dslr ?

    hello.the sigma 70-300 F4 -5.6 APO is a great buy for the price.it is a really versatile lens.it does have a macro setting which is quite good.i have had one for 5years it is past its best now but they really are quite good.low light shots without a tripod are not great,but if you want a fast...
  12. Mr P

    Help With Camera Settings

    hi liam,i taught myself how to use a camera,i joined a photography club a couple of years ago and we have lots of competitions which are are a great way to push yourself,try reading things like photo mags etc ,there are also lots of useful stuff on youtube ,go for it ,its a great hobby, :D
  13. Mr P

    Help With Camera Settings

    hello, you will probably find at the 18mm (wide) end of your lens you will get distortion ,so i would avoid taking shots with alot of llines especially near the edges of your lens,if oyu shoot your shot at f8 to f11 you should get the best sharpness the lens is capable of.,most lenses have...
  14. Mr P

    Flickr vs Photobucket

    i have used flickr for about 3 years ,brilliant!!!