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  1. frothhelmet

    Pest Snail how to get rid of

    Theodoxus are the best. Never had to clean my glass and they scour anubias clean.
  2. frothhelmet

    Yoghurt/moss dry start - going on vacation - can I leave it without spraying?

    Ok so update needed. The moss that was clearly in the yoghurt all died, but now the wood is covered in baby moss growing out of the wood where I put the yoghurt. So success from the jaws of defeat I guess :)
  3. frothhelmet

    Yoghurt/moss dry start - going on vacation - can I leave it without spraying?

    I got scared and flooded it and put a pump in to circulate water. Came back 2 weeks later to dead brown mush :(
  4. frothhelmet

    Yoghurt/moss dry start - going on vacation - can I leave it without spraying?

    Hiya, I got a yoghurt dry start for a moss-only tank going, I am two weeks in, and plan to go on vacation soon for two weeks. I can cover the tank pretty well, but was wondering if I need to flood it to prevent the moss from drying out and dying over these two weeks. Thoughts?
  5. frothhelmet

    Cleaning sand

    Yes lots of people hoover sand. But you could only clean the surface if you dont want to disturb the soil underneath. My favourite trick is to use cories with sand to fling muck into the water column where the filter can grab it. They keep my sand crystal.
  6. frothhelmet

    Insane Manzi burl.

    dang simon, that looks like an ichthyosaurus spine!
  7. frothhelmet

    What Happened to Dupla?

    Like two decades ago they used to sell all the technical gear. I remember getting a CO2 set-up off of them back in the early 90's. What happened to them? You never see any Dupla stuff for sale anymore. They were always expensive, did they just fail to lower their prices with the competition? Or...
  8. frothhelmet

    Pinsettes and Scissors Questions

    Yeah, definitely will be a good idea to 'feel' the differences at TGM.
  9. frothhelmet

    Pinsettes and Scissors Questions

    Pinsettes Pinsettes often come in 3 sizes. Is longer always better (if cost were no object)? Or is it optimal to have a pinsette that is not too long for control? What about curved tips on Pinsettes? Is this a useful feature? Why? Scissors Do we prefer curved or straight-tipped scissors? Or...
  10. frothhelmet

    wood suitability in an aquarium

    I have tried various wood for use in tanks. In my experience the wood will always rot unless the wood was either originally a piece of root (branches will rot) or if the wood was a branch and has had many many years to degrade in water, looking holey and leaving only the hard resistant bits...