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  1. sparkyweasel

    Armano Shrimp Larvae or parasite?

    It looks like a Glassworm, Chaoborus midge larva. Chaoborus
  2. sparkyweasel

    Snail Identification?

    Those people should remember that there are several species of snails commonly found in our tanks, and several species (and hybrids) of 'Kuhli's commonly available in the trade. That gives pleny of scope for different experiences. :)
  3. sparkyweasel

    Shrimp over population?

    You could increase the number of Neons a bit so that fewer shrimplets survive. More Neons should look good too.
  4. sparkyweasel

    Tiny gastropods

    I think you've answered your own query. :)
  5. sparkyweasel

    Fenbendazole, planaria calculating dose.

    That website mentions 'grams' rather than 'grammes', leading me to suspect that it's American; in which case those gallons are probably US gallons, which are 3.79 litres. hth
  6. sparkyweasel


    You can usually see a few out and about in the daytime (or photoperiod) but far more after lights-out.
  7. sparkyweasel

    Nerite Snail & Neon Tetras PH

    Commercially bred Neons are quite adaptable, pH7 or 7.5 would be OK. They are also very often weak and in poor condition/health. You might have to shop around a bit to find some good ones. Green Neons usually seem to be in better condition so you might consider those as an alternative.
  8. sparkyweasel

    Mystery/Apple Snails Eat Plants?

    They could; they also have this page: Defra Which states; "Pest has been archived This pest has been assessed for the Risk Register and is considered to pose a low risk to the UK. The information on this pest was correct as of 08/01/2021, but is no longer actively maintained. It will only be...
  9. sparkyweasel

    Two Asian Freshwater Snails Newly Introduced into South Africa

    If you (we, all) join your local Wildlife Trust they will keep you informed about petitions, campaigns etc. And your membership fees will help fund their work, which includes direct conservation activies and political campaigning. The Wildlife Trusts | The Wildlife Trusts
  10. sparkyweasel

    Two Asian Freshwater Snails Newly Introduced into South Africa

    A cynical person might think they didn't want to stop the spread, as it would interfere with their empirre-building.
  11. sparkyweasel

    Mystery/Apple Snails Eat Plants?

    Yes, they are legal again; OATA
  12. sparkyweasel

    Mystery/Apple Snails Eat Plants?

    You would need a lot; my four could eat a whole cucumber or a whole lettuce in a day. I suspect they would still have eaten any plants I put in with them. :)
  13. sparkyweasel

    Microworm cultures

    If you are, I am too. Which is quite possible. :) I think they small nice for a few weeks, then start to smell bad and it's time to bin it.
  14. sparkyweasel

    Amano female dark mass

    If you have a hospital tank, or just another tank that has no shrimps in it, I would separate her in case it's something that could spread to your other shrimps. I know that parasitic barnacles can mimic the eggs mass of a crab, and wondered if there are similar ones that attack shrimps; a quick...
  15. sparkyweasel

    Very strange creature in my freshwater aquarium please help me ID this need to no if its a parasite or not. Thank you

    Oops, I though it was the OP confirming the legs. Can you get a good look at it @Tommythefish ?
  16. sparkyweasel

    Very strange creature in my freshwater aquarium please help me ID this need to no if its a parasite or not. Thank you

    That's better, and the coin for scale is good. I still think an isopod of some sort, Asellus or one of its relatives. Probably came in on some plants, maybe when it was tiny. Could be a foreigh species, depending on where your plants were grown.
  17. sparkyweasel

    Very strange creature in my freshwater aquarium please help me ID this need to no if its a parasite or not. Thank you

    Could be an isopod, Asellus or similar. In which case it's harmless. A better pic would certainly help if you can manage one. Have a look here and see if it looks similar. Asellus
  18. sparkyweasel

    2mm long brown critter, what am I?

    If it did, I would be worried about those eyes. :)
  19. sparkyweasel

    Can you sell Bladder Snails for profit???

    Or do they advertise them at that price and find nobody buys any? :)
  20. sparkyweasel

    To shrimp, or not to shrimp?

    I don't think that leaches ammonia, but I haven't used it myself, maybe some-one who has can confirm.
  21. sparkyweasel

    To shrimp, or not to shrimp?

    What substrate are you using? Do you know whether it leaches ammonia?
  22. sparkyweasel

    Breeding all types of snails.

    They are illegal in the EU, because they can survive outdoors in Spain (at least) and could become invasive. Since Brexit they are legal again in the UK. I did that with the Gold variety. :)
  23. sparkyweasel

    Substrate for Caridina… what does everyone use?

    I agree with that. But not so good for an Apple Snail tank, as I found out the hard way. It took them about half an hour to eat all the sponge. Didn't seem to do them any harm though. :)
  24. sparkyweasel

    Red Cherries - help !

    In the husband? :)
  25. sparkyweasel

    Nerite Snail Help

    I bet that if you were thinking of changing them using expensive aquarium products they would be all for it. :) Cuttlefish bone works, and it's cheap. If you don't trust your water test results have a look at your water supply company's website for a drinking water quality report.
  26. sparkyweasel

    RCS keep on dying

    That's as sure as you can be. :) And heathly ramshorns are a good sign, they are quite sensitive to (some at least) pesticides. Your extra info rules out a lot of possible problems, so I think nitrite caused by your filter not working effeciently looks like the most likely cause. Guppies (and...
  27. sparkyweasel

    RCS keep on dying

    That's a big filter for a little tank. What filter is it? And what media are in it? Have you had to restrict the flow a lot? It's possible that the flow is too slow for it to work efficiently. There may not be enough oxygen passing through, or it may have stagnant areas. More info would help. Do...
  28. sparkyweasel

    Getting rid of scuds.

    You could state when advertising your plants that they come from a tank with scuds in, and that any buyers that don't like scuds will need to treat their purchase before adding it to their tank. Most people won't care, and those that do will know where they stand.
  29. sparkyweasel

    GYO - Growing leaves and botanicals . . .

    Or weave them into cloth. :)
  30. sparkyweasel

    GYO - Growing leaves and botanicals . . .

    Everyone should have a nettle patch; they are great for butterflies and other wildlife in the garden as well as for shrimps and fish in our tanks.
  31. sparkyweasel

    Advice on clean up crew

    It's the other species of Crossocheilus that get confused with SAEs. Most of them look very similar.
  32. sparkyweasel

    Parameter query for CRS

    DH expresses the hardness in terms of how much CaO would give that level of hardness. If the shrimp salt is using CaCl2 for the hardness, the TDS would be different to get the same level of hardness. So there is often a difference between measured hardness and hardness calculated from TDS.
  33. sparkyweasel

    Hydra strategy advice

    It worked for Hercules. :)
  34. sparkyweasel

    Ellobiopsidae (Green fungus) ID request

    I suspect Cladogonium ogishimae. There's a good explanationof the differences here; Green 'Fungus'.
  35. sparkyweasel

    What's this worm?

    You wouldn't be the first. :) I think leeches are fascinating, but I wouldn't trust a big one with fish. :)
  36. sparkyweasel

    Betta with shrimp

    One of the reasons Bettas are so popular is that they have some personality; but that means they vary a lot in temperament, - hence the different opinions out there. People have different experiences with different individual Bettas. I would only try it if I had a spare tank ready in case I...
  37. sparkyweasel

    Surveying Caridina cf. Babaulti experiences

    I wouldn't rule out copper, as crustaceans are much more sensitive to copper than snails or fish. Of course, that doesn't prove copper is to blame, but it's a possibility.
  38. sparkyweasel

    Cherry Shrimp Water

    Tropica potted plants are safe, - grown in Denmark. But they also sell some non-potted bunch plants, which they don't grow in their own greenhouses and those are not guaranteed to be free of pesticides. So if yours were all potted you are safe. Tropica
  39. sparkyweasel

    Cherry Shrimp Water

    If you plants were grown in the EU they should be safe, and the supplier can tell you for sure. If imported from outside the EU they are treated with pesticides to meet the import regulations; in that case there are ways of cleaning or neutralising them, but as they are already in your tank you...
  40. sparkyweasel

    Sulawesi snail most active at night?

    They don't like bright light. Apparently, if they breed in your tank the babies will be active under bright light if that's what they grow up with. https://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/features/snails-from-sulawesi/
  41. sparkyweasel

    To MTS or Not?

    But they are pathenogenic, and many populations contain no males. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/263297865_Sexual_and_parthenogenetic_populations_of_the_freshwater_snail_Melanoides_tuberculata_in_Israel
  42. sparkyweasel

    Major shrimp deaths, feeling like giving them up :(

    Sounds like another product that does something that would have happened anyway. :)
  43. sparkyweasel


    You could try a snail trap, baited with meat. It may work, but depends on the species of leech.
  44. sparkyweasel

    Nerite Snails at top of tank/ keep dying

    That is often the case. What species of Nerite are they?
  45. sparkyweasel

    What is too many invertebrates?

    You are right about too much food. The snail population will be limited by food availability, so you can keep their numbers reasonable by careful feeding. I've had Faunus ater, never had any problems with them eating my plants, but there may be some plants they can't resist. They didn't touch...
  46. sparkyweasel

    Amano and Cherry Shrimp keep dying!

    Fortunately my tapwater doesn't give me any concerns. But I use the same principle for testing hardscape if I'm not sure about it's safety, such as; unknown rocks especially ones with veins, found wood, sand that wasn't sold for aquarium use, and anything synthetic. After a week in the bucket...
  47. sparkyweasel

    Amano and Cherry Shrimp keep dying!

    That is possible, but quite unlikely. You can eliminate the possibility by getting a brewing bucket and using it exclusively for aquarium purposes. You could test your bucket (current or new) and your conditioned tapwater by filling the bucket with tapwater, adding conditioner, and adding some...
  48. sparkyweasel

    ID a bug please

    There are parasitic flatworms, but they live inside the bodies of their hosts, very unikely to be seen crawling around. The population will decrease when you have got past the leaf melt and they have less food available, provided you don't overfeed your fish and shrimps. You can remove lots of...
  49. sparkyweasel

    Amano and Cherry Shrimp keep dying!

    More information about your set-up might help.
  50. sparkyweasel

    Pest snail or welcome visitor?

    I was going to say it depends on your attitude to snails. Then read those two replies which illustrate it perfectly. :)
  51. sparkyweasel

    Black Sulawesi shrimp

    @Protopigeon; there's a World of Water near Rugby, which is a bit closer to you (and me), they often have some interesting fish and shrimps, though I haven't been for a while so I don't know what they've got at the moment. They sometimes have some nice wood too, but you need to look outside in...
  52. sparkyweasel

    Black Sulawesi shrimp

    African Scat, perhaps? Scatophagus tetracanthus.
  53. sparkyweasel

    A few shrimp questions . . .

    Have you seen Green Neon Tetras? Fairly similar to Cardinals, but substantially smaller. Smaller even than regular Neons, plus also they are usually healthy, whereas most regular Neons available are very poor.
  54. sparkyweasel

    Karlie flamingo.

    I have used Lincolnshire Pond Plants, and had some good plants from them. However; from their website: "Important Plants are incubated in a solution of 0.01% of the insecticide Buprafezin for one hour (Please do not just drop these in a shrimp tank or with any other crustacean. To use these...
  55. sparkyweasel

    Karlie flamingo.

    Tapwater conditioner would be a good idea. Standing the water will let the chlorine escape, but not chloramine, as Tam says, also conditioner will bind any heavy metals, such as copper, - invertebrates, especially crustaceans are far more sensitive to copper poisoning than fish (or humans). What...
  56. sparkyweasel

    Karlie flamingo.

    It seems unlikey that the gravel is the cause your problem, it should be harmless to shrimps and snails. If you could post some information about your tanks and the symptoms your shrimps and snails show before dying (if any) we might be able to spot something you have missed. eg, tank sizes...
  57. sparkyweasel

    Best Online or Physical store (London) neocaridinas

    I see you have made 25 posts, so you should now be able to see the buy and sell part of this forum. :)
  58. sparkyweasel

    Raising brine shrimp to adults - is a cone useful?

    No they don't, they seem to thrive on swirling about. And it will keep their food in suspension and bring the shrimps and food together. Green water is good for food, and yeast is useful for when your green water supply isn't doing so well. I haven't raised any since moving house, perhaps I...
  59. sparkyweasel

    Raising brine shrimp to adults - is a cone useful?

    Yes, a cone is good, you can put an airstone at the bottom, and it keeps the brine shrimps swirling around with no corners to get stuck in. They need plenty of water movement. A lot of people use an inverted pyramid, as you can DIY one from flat glass. Similar principle, with an airstone at the...
  60. sparkyweasel

    Random spate of shrimp deaths

    I read somewhere, but can't remember where, or find any notes (grr), that there are a number of very similar-looking species with different habits. So what appear to be Amano shrimps, and were sold as such, may be something else. It would explain people's varying experiences with 'Amano'...
  61. sparkyweasel

    Questions regarding Intensely high gh/kh.

    Definitely something wrong there, either with the distilled water or with the hardness testing.
  62. sparkyweasel

    Feeding nettles to shrimp

    Pollen is suposed to be very good food for shrimps.
  63. sparkyweasel

    A shrimp with a broken leg

    It will probably grow back as a healthy leg when he moults, crustaceans are very good at regrowing damaged or lost limbs. It might be undersized after the next moult, getting back to full size after a few more moults.
  64. sparkyweasel

    A little gloat... amanos

    I believe the eggs hatch in freshwater, but in nature the larvae get swept downstream to brackish, then salt water, where they develop and they migrate upstream as adults.
  65. sparkyweasel

    Help me identify this creature

    Yes that looks like a dragonfly larva, or nymph. I don't recognise the species though, it could be foreigh if it came in with imported plants. They lurk and ambush their prey, can certainly catch shrimps and fish.
  66. sparkyweasel

    Hydra killed my shrimp

    Good call. Quite a few treatments will kill Hydra, but I didn't know there was a shrimp-safe one now.
  67. sparkyweasel

    Hydra killed my shrimp

    I'm so sorry to hear that, especially after reading your posts about searching for shrimps and finally getting them. Bleaching should have taken care of them. Scraping and squashing are not so great, as they can grow back from the pieces. They are actually amazing creatures, but but a real pest...
  68. sparkyweasel

    CRS, TDS and GH

    Can you make any sense out of that diagram? I suspect that most shrimp owners just put a few cherries in their tank with tap water and never think about TDS. Mine lived, moulted and bred at 18°GH before I moved house. 12°GH now.
  69. sparkyweasel


    I believe that you can claim back the German VAT, but only if you then pay the UK VAT. I've bought stuff from Germany in the past, and they gave me the option of paying either UK or German VAT, and the German was cheaper. Don't know if it's still the same, but there's probably not much difference.
  70. sparkyweasel

    Hatching Brine Shrimp

    Something like this. Also useful for anything else you need to keep warm, like that leaf full of Angelfish eggs in the pic, or even as a quarantine/hospital tank if you put a flowerpot cave and some plastic plants in. Note there are two bottles of brine shrimp eggs, to ensure a constant supply...
  71. sparkyweasel

    Hatching Brine Shrimp

    Try to get some heat if at all possible. Brine shrimp eggs will seem expensive if you only get 5% or less hatching. Depending on your hatchery (I use 2l pop bottles, so no problem) you can put it in a small tank with a heaterstat to keep it warm.
  72. sparkyweasel

    Fish suggestions with my RCS

    I kept cherries with: Five-banded Barbs Pygmy Chain Loach Glass Catfish Indian Glassfish Clown Killes Coolie Loach Hyalobagrus flavus Dwarf Corydoras never seen any of them eating or harrassing the shimps. They may well have eaten some shimplets, but not all of them, as the shimp population...
  73. sparkyweasel

    who invited this guy?!

    Yes looks like an insect larva. Planarians are not segmented.
  74. sparkyweasel

    Bugs you might encounter in your aquarium

    It's not easy to identify these larvae, but it could be Tanypus, a genus of midge.
  75. sparkyweasel

    Is this rock safe for shrimp..

    And if you put some Daphnia or Cyclops in the bucket you will find out if the rock is leaching anything toxic to crustaceans
  76. sparkyweasel

    Tds/ro tap water

    Did he know how low it is already?
  77. sparkyweasel

    Hydra; do I need to get rid of them?

    The green hydra has symbiotic algae, so they can have a population boom without an abundance of food.
  78. sparkyweasel

    Hydra removal

    A lot of books also say Dwarf Gouramis Trichogaster lalius will eat them, but the only hydra outbreak I have had was in my DG tank. Hydra are quite interesting to keep for their own sake, in a jar of their own where they won't do any harm.
  79. sparkyweasel

    Anyone know what this creature is?

    They can eat animals two or three times their own size. They grab hold and suck the juice out. Find it ASAP, and look out for any more.
  80. sparkyweasel

    microscopic mystery animal

    Are you sure it's not the monster's mysterious larval stage? Anyway, welcome. The looping movement suggests some kind of leech, but the stumpy legs are confusing, I don;t think any leeches have those. Larval insects sometimes have stumpy legs or pseudolegs, maybe that would be another group to...
  81. sparkyweasel

    Water parameters check please

    I don't know about the accuracy of test kits, but I have come round to thinking that they are unnecessary. I started years ago when testing pH was considered high-tech, and nobody tested anything else except temperature. I don't think the kits were even available - certainly not from the shop I...
  82. sparkyweasel

    How does one deal with dragonfly larva

    If they are whitish and transparent, I guess they are quite small. If they are Dragonfly nymphs (nymphs not larvae) they can grow to 2" or 3" and can certainly eat Otocinclus, small tetras etc as they grow. If they are small it is hard to tell them from Stonefly and Alderfly nymphs, which are...