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  1. sparkyweasel

    10 ppi vs floss/wool for polishing

    It's impressive how it even makes the silicone less cloudy. :)
  2. sparkyweasel

    AQUAEL 20 lite filter flow rate

    A lot will depend on the planting and stocking. Could you give us some details, and ideally a photo?
  3. sparkyweasel

    diatom filter

    I'm not surprised you're left with questions after reading that! :)
  4. sparkyweasel

    Delete Please, left the forum...

    i don't know about others, but I look at journalas when I've got time to have a read and admire the pics. But I check the forum most days, so I see any new questions posted in their own right and chip in if I think I can help. Maybe when you have a specific question you could put it in a new...
  5. sparkyweasel

    Plumbing a canister filter

    The second part of that is quite believable. :)
  6. sparkyweasel

    Suggestions on internal filter

    You might find this interesting; Bio-media
  7. sparkyweasel

    Use of Activated Carbon, Purigen, etc.

    Great, a magic cure for a bad set-up and poor maintenance. :)
  8. sparkyweasel

    Oase in tank filter

    It will be fine for a planted tank without CO2 injection. If you are going to use CO2 you will probably need more flow. Not necessarily from a bigger filter, - you could add a powerhead for the extra flow.
  9. sparkyweasel

    90p planted aquarium filtration

    Your canister should provide enough filtration, it is only flow you need to increase, so you could stick with the Sicce if you're happy with it and add a powerhead for extra flow.
  10. sparkyweasel

    Is expensive bio media worth it?

    just the word most :) "A plant growing on another, but not parasitic" OED "a plant that grows on another plant but does not feed from it, for example, some mosses" Cambridge Dictionary; Epiphyte "a plant that grows on another plant but is not parasitic on it" Collins English Dictionary...
  11. sparkyweasel

    Is expensive bio media worth it?

    Thanks, I wasn't aware of that. :)
  12. sparkyweasel

    Is expensive bio media worth it?

    This is complicated by so many aquarists insisting on calling their Anubias, Microsorum etc 'epiphytes' when they are lithophytes. :) I have given up being angry about it, or trying to put them right. Mostly. :) If they are growing on wood that is not part of a living tree xylophyte appears to...
  13. sparkyweasel

    This whole anaerobic filtration thing is getting out of hand!

    It's nice to 'see' you @Simon Cole, I hope you are doing OK. :)
  14. sparkyweasel

    Upgrading 2213?

    And a lot of people have to remove dead fish and shrimps from their E350 too. Most recent post on that; Skimmer And some info on how to modify it; Mods
  15. sparkyweasel

    Measured amount of water required fast

    I reckon it's for dosing cooling water into your perpetual motion engine to power your time machine. :)
  16. sparkyweasel

    Am i calculating actual flow right ?

    The rating is for pumping horizontally. Pumping upwards reduces the flow, sometimes drastically. Some pumps have a graph to show flow against head (height). Also the length of tubing, radius of bends and any connectors will reduce the flow.
  17. sparkyweasel

    Is expensive bio media worth it?

    I suspect that the bacteria (etc) would consume some of the ammonia before the plants could take all of it.
  18. sparkyweasel

    brand new Oase Filtosmart 100 leaking water

    If you use grease, make sure it's compatible with the gasket material. The wrong gasket grease can damage the gasket.
  19. sparkyweasel

    Talk to me about filtration

    None. :) When I started fishkeeping filters were only for tanks that couldn't be planted, for instance tanks for large, destructive cichlids or for plant-munchers like Silver Dollars.
  20. sparkyweasel

    UK Purigen Users Only

    That's Tesco Malaysia. I don't know how ambitious their delivery service is. :)
  21. sparkyweasel

    Newbie help again :)

    OK, no problem. There's a lot of jargon to get the hang of. :) I thought about writing a dictionary of aquarium terms once. Then I remembered that I'm quite lazy. :) A canister filter is certainly not essential. It can be nice as it's outside the tank. That can look better and makes it easy to...
  22. sparkyweasel

    Newbie help again :)

    Hi @SiobhanGledhill , I don't want to sound patronising, but it's hard when typing. :) But as you are asking for 'newbie advice' I just want to check if you do have a trickle filter. They are usually big installations and often home-made. Not really 'regular'. Or is it the filter that came with...
  23. sparkyweasel

    Nitrate Filters - Do they work?

    Not true. You could try asking them for modern, credible sources. But they will probably just shout at you again. :) In the thread MichaelJ kinked to above you will find solid information with links to actual research. By scientists, not by people trying to sell you nitrate reducers or test kits...
  24. sparkyweasel

    Physics question

    Oops, slow typing. :)
  25. sparkyweasel

    Physics question

    Could you put mesh or sponge on the inlet to keep the fish safe?
  26. sparkyweasel

    To sump or not to sump

    They are thermostatically controlled, so they will only use the amount of electricity needed to keep the tanks at the temperature you set them for. The total running cost will be the same. If you do go for a sump you can use two heaters. (Two in each tank can be too ugly and hard to hide). If...
  27. sparkyweasel

    Which External Filter is best?

    I think a lot of Eheim's current problems are down to quality control, - or lack of it. It sems to be a gamble where you could get a really good one, or you might not. It's rather sad, they used to make nothing but good stuff once.
  28. sparkyweasel

    Filter Media seeding

    If it doesn't leak after 24hrs, I would be happy with the new filter and transfer some media to it.
  29. sparkyweasel

    Eheim Professional 3 Thermo Heater Issue

    That won't help. :) If they were still the best filters on the market and would last a lifetime, they might get away with high prices. Not any more.
  30. sparkyweasel

    Eheim Professional 3 Thermo Heater Issue

    I'm not surprised. They built up a great reputation over many years. But it doesn't take long to lose that sort of reputation if you let the design, quality and/or customer service go downhill. And it's not easy to rebuild a reputation once you've lost it. They need to get their act together...
  31. sparkyweasel

    Biomaster 350 or fluval 307

    Lol, I was just typing that the 350 would be OK, but that was for the 160 litres. :) Something a bit bigger for 260 litres then. Partially depending on what fish and plants you have in mind.
  32. sparkyweasel

    Biomaster 350 or fluval 307

    Are you intending to inject CO2? If so, the 10x rule is a good one. Without injected gas a much lower flow is fine.
  33. sparkyweasel

    Eheim filter flow ratings?

    Some filters, including most internal ones, are supplied with media. In my experience they still don't manage the flow claimed on the box, even if you take the media out. And with an internal you can take the head out of the equation. And pipe lengths and bends. I've got some very good filters...
  34. sparkyweasel

    Starting a Fishless Cycle - Am I too late?

    Chili Rasboras like a bit of swimming space. If your 20l is long and shallow that would be a lot better than if it is tall and thin. Volume isn't the only factor, and probably not the most important.
  35. sparkyweasel

    Going filterless?

    Without the filter, perhaps you would have syphoned it out. Then it might cause less algae. If it decomposes in the filter it pollutes the tank water a lot more than if it's in the bin. :)
  36. sparkyweasel

    Advice Needed

    Lol, great minds type alike. :)
  37. sparkyweasel

    Advice Needed

    A lot depends on whether your are going to inject CO2. If you are, more flow would be better, - not necessarily more filtration, as you can use powerheads or wavemakers to add flow. Without injecting CO2 it's more a question of what you are going to keep in the tank.
  38. sparkyweasel

    Can i run a rattling canister ?

    Interesting. Especially as 'smar silikonowy' is Polish for silicone grease. :confused:
  39. sparkyweasel

    Can i run a rattling canister ?

    Note that it doesn't say Vaseline on the sachet (only in the seller's description). Could be a bit of mistranslation. 'Spezialfett' means special grease. It is a silicon grease, which will not damage rubber. Actual Vaseline® is petroleum-based and does attack (at least some kinds of) rubber.
  40. sparkyweasel

    Why are filters not more user-friendly?

    These days I buy cheapo filters. They have all the same problems as the expensive ones, but I'm much less angry about it than when I pay a small fortune and get poor quality. :)
  41. sparkyweasel

    hi I'm dave

    Welcome! :) No problem using two filters, but it's easiest if you keep them separate; if you try to connect them together it can get complicated.
  42. sparkyweasel

    Seeding a new filter

    Are they currently being supported by the old filter? If so, transferring the media to the new filter will leave you with the same bacteria population, and the same fish and shrimp population, therefore no problems. Assuming you had no problems before. :) And if the new tank is well-planted it...
  43. sparkyweasel

    UGF with pump

    It's funny how they worked perfectly for so many years, and then suddenly stopped working when the fashion changed. :)
  44. sparkyweasel

    Clear tubing

    Call it an algal scrubber and you'll never have to clean it again. :)
  45. sparkyweasel

    Media Cleaning

    The difference for me is; Using tapwater will probably be safe. Using tank water will be safe.
  46. sparkyweasel

    HELP aquael ultra 2000 problem

    If only Eheim were still making top quality filters. That's what built their reputation but their new filters have given rise to quite a few forum threads about their quality problems.
  47. sparkyweasel

    Seachem Matrix media

    Matrix is inert, won't affect your water chemistry at all. It just provides a surface for bacteria etc to colonise.
  48. sparkyweasel

    Best way to improve water flow?

    They come in lots of sizes and flow rates, you can find one that's not ott.
  49. sparkyweasel

    A Second Filter?

    In that case, I wouldn't make any serious changes. :)
  50. sparkyweasel

    Oase filtosmart thermo 100 - problems

    It was so simple, before they started adding all sorts of features to 'make it easier'. :)
  51. sparkyweasel

    Oase BioMaster Thermo External Filter

    I think the problems with noise are down to quality control; you could buy two of the same model and get one silent and one noisy one. Or one that gives years of reliable service and one that lets you down.
  52. sparkyweasel

    Glassware dilemma

    How about glue dots? eg Glue dots @ Amazon
  53. sparkyweasel

    New Filter Advice + Changeover

    If you get drenched once you're a proper aquarist. If you get drenched every time you're a proper nana. :)
  54. sparkyweasel

    external filter air issue

    What a stupid thing to say to some-one who IS reporting an issue with the filter.
  55. sparkyweasel

    Small Canister filters for small tanks.

    I haven't tried the HOB, but I got one of their internals on that principle, - worth a try for the price. :) I thought it would be OK until I could afford a 'proper' filter on payday. About twelve years later it's still going strong (touch wood lol ) still not replaced it, but bought some more...
  56. sparkyweasel

    Adding a filter

    Hi Hughesy124, it depends on what you're planning for your tank. If you're going to inject CO2 the general rule is that you need the filter's claimed flow to be 10x tank volume per hour, to ensure good distribution of the CO2. If not, you can go for a less powerful filter, or stick with high...
  57. sparkyweasel

    Bleach for Seachem Purigen

    It would have been nice if they told you what you should use. :)
  58. sparkyweasel

    Hamburg Matten Filter

    If it stays like that consistently it's not a problem, you can set the thermostat accordingly. You might check whether it just gets hotter behind the foam when the heater is on, and the main tank area gradually warms up to match. You don't want a lot of fluctuation as it's a fry tank.
  59. sparkyweasel

    What's this?!?

    I think it contains biomedia. The white pad seems to contain carbon as well as floss, as in the service pack here; service pack on Amazon Can you open the tie-rack? It looks like it has clips to let you. If so, post a pic of what's inside. :)
  60. sparkyweasel

    Survival of beneficial bacteria

    What is he trying to achieve by drying it out?
  61. sparkyweasel

    External Heater

    I agree with that, I was wondering why the 200W model, but Dino21 mentioned that it's the smallest available, so it looks like you didn't have the option of better match of heater power to tank volume.
  62. sparkyweasel

    External Heater

    Is there a technical reason for using it? Or did you use it because it was what you had handy?
  63. sparkyweasel

    Just unlucky or is Eheim just what they used to be?

    I too have given up on Eheim. They have a great reputation, but that was built on the quality of the filters they made years ago. I have found the new ones to very poorly made and short-lived.
  64. sparkyweasel

    UVC filter wattage Aquarium vs. pond

    Aquarium ones are to control various pathogens, pond ones are to control green water, ie planktonic algae.
  65. sparkyweasel

    Filter socks; any experience.

    Not a sock, but this stainless steel filter tube might be of interest. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07X86R94R/?coliid=I1STS4DVDQACUM&colid=2BWS03HRIWOWJ&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it I haven't used one, just bookmarked it as it looked useful.
  66. sparkyweasel

    Regenerate activated carbon.

    If you keep adding methylene blue, counting the drops, until the carbon cannot adsorb any more, comparing the number of drops each sample takes will show you how effective the regenerated carbon is, compared to the new.
  67. sparkyweasel

    HELP aquael ultra 2000 problem

    I haven't used them, but you could try these; https://www.aquael-aquarium.co.uk/kontakt/dzial-serwisu-reklamacji/ Service/complaint department : tel: (22) 644 76 16 int. 1138 open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 16:00 service@aquael.pl
  68. sparkyweasel

    New Aquael Ultramax

    That's a good point; you can have problems with even the best-made products, but some makers or retailers will sort it out for you without any fuss. It's always good to hear about customer service, as product reviewers don't usually get to experience it.
  69. sparkyweasel

    New Aquael Ultramax

    I wonder how many of today's Eheims will be running in ten years. Ones made thirty or forty years ago are still going strong, but are the new ones as well made? The two I've bought in the last couple of years certainly weren't.
  70. sparkyweasel

    Eheim Classic Noise - New Impeller

    If Vaseline gets onto the bushes it may corrode them, depending on what kind of synthetic rubber etc they are made if. Silicone grease, as Millns84 suggested is safe. The pump head doesn't have any moving parts, so unlikely to be the source of the noise, but you could run it with the impeller...
  71. sparkyweasel

    Activated Carbon

    I bought some from this seller on Amazon; https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00BAH9T3Q/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 2kg for £10 delivered. As far as I can tell it's just as good as the branded carbons I've used. hth
  72. sparkyweasel

    New Aquael Ultramax

    What friend? A Nigerian prince? lol
  73. sparkyweasel

    Effect of changing pipework diameter

    Eheim states that is for "operational safety", not flow rate. Perhaps they test the seals etc for leaks to a certain pressure, maybe test at 2m so they're confident to recommend 1.8m max.
  74. sparkyweasel

    Effect of changing pipework diameter

    Remember that if your intake and outlet are both submerged in the same tank, the head is zero. If your outlet is above the water surface, the head is the height from the surface to the outlet, everything else levels itself, doesn't use pump power.
  75. sparkyweasel

    Filter for Betta

    I don't think closing the taps would would increase wear on the pump, as it's a sealed coil, with no moving parts. That drives the impeller by magnetism with no mechanical coupling. What might be a concern is if the reduced flow caused overheating, as the water flow cools the coil. I had some...
  76. sparkyweasel

    Filtration Quandary

    I've got moss balls in two different tanks, doing fine for about two years now, with no injected CO2 and no 'liquid carbon'. Mine attract mulm rather than algae, I have snails, so maybe they keep the algae at bay. The mulm I shake off and siphon up at water change time, and put the ball back...
  77. sparkyweasel

    Best filter to distribute Co2

    What is your water change and filter cleaning schedule? What livestock do you have, if any?
  78. sparkyweasel

    Filter bacteria

    Could you put the filter on the other tank too? If not, do the bucket thing. Without oxygen the bacteria will start dying off quite quickly. Without fish waste to feed on the population will drop if you're going to take a few days to rescape, but it will pick up again if you restock gradually. hth
  79. sparkyweasel

    Filter bacteria

    Hi, if you put some tank water in a bucket or tub, you can keep the filter running so the bacteria get a flow of oxygenated water. Then they should be good for several hours. Where will your fish be during the rescape? Get a big enough tub and you could keep the fish, filter and heater in it for...
  80. sparkyweasel

    Holiday Disaster: 200+ Litres on Floor

    You would need your leak detector to operate shut-off valves in your tubing as well as switching your pump off.
  81. sparkyweasel

    Carbon Filter to remove medication

    Seachem recommend a week, but they probably assume you are using good quality carbon, not pads which may or may not be any good.
  82. sparkyweasel

    Filter media for high tech

    You could leave your existing filter as it is, and add a second, cheap filter, filled with just floss. If that clears the water in a few days, you can remove it again.
  83. sparkyweasel

    Filter media order - is the typical order wrong?

    A layer of mechanical medium after the biological will stop any gunge generated in the biomedia (mosly dead bacteria) reaching the tank. But it's not essential by any means.
  84. sparkyweasel

    Is head literal

    That's right, The water can go down to the pump and then back up to the water level in the tank even without the pump working, The head is how high the pump has to lift the water above the level in the tank.
  85. sparkyweasel

    Water level in tank

    Remember, it's pure water that evaporates away, so you should replace it with pure, eg RO, DI or distilled water, otherwise your TDS, hardness etc will creep up. I don't know where they got capillary action from. :)
  86. sparkyweasel

    Question about raising the filter and flow gain

    Raising the filter alone won't increase the flow. Shortening the hoses will increase the flow. How much depends on the difference between the new and old length. 20cm probably will only make a very small increase.
  87. sparkyweasel

    Best Position For My Internal Filters?

    This may sound stupid, but it's worth a try, and it won't cost you anything; put your filters at the left end of the tank instead of the right. Plants bending from left to right look better to many people than bending right-to-left.
  88. sparkyweasel

    A spraybar question

    It's not my branch of engineering, but I think Darrel's hypothesis sounds about right.
  89. sparkyweasel

    External Filter for a 20 Liter Tank

    The head is the difference between the water level in the tank and the height of the return pipe/lily pipe/spray bar. If the return is submersed the head is zero. Having the canister on the floor doesn't matter. Gravity will bring the water in the return pipe up to the tank level even with the...
  90. sparkyweasel

    Difference between detritus in filter or substrate

    If it sinks into the substrate, the decomposition may be anaerobic and result in harmful waste products like Hydrogen Sulphide. In the filter the decomposition should be aerobic, generally with fairly harmless end products. Waste rotting on top of plants can reduce the light reaching the leaves...
  91. sparkyweasel

    Purigen and Aqua + Plus

    I've never heard of any problems like that. It probably just passes over biomedia, but Purigen sucks it out of the water and then won't release it when you try to regenerate it.
  92. sparkyweasel

    Purigen and Aqua + Plus

    Yep, some of the 'stress coat' type additives in some water conditioners clog the Purigen in a way that prevents it being regenerated.
  93. sparkyweasel

    Eheim 2213 Noise

    What did the retailer say? They sold you the faulty goods, it is their responsibility to replace it or refund your payment.
  94. sparkyweasel

    Why so little clear plastic fittings?

    I think filter makers also like to stick with their 'corporate colours'. They are happy when people see pictures of nice tanks and can tell it's their filter, even if it's not credited. For bending acryllic tube, you need a bending spring, like plumbers use for bending pipes neatly and without...
  95. sparkyweasel

    Tetra External Filters

    I believe the UV used by marine aquarists to control pathogens (although I think it's out of fashion at the moment) is different to that used by pondkeepers to control algae. If I remember correctly it is the proximity of the water to the UV tube and the contact time, which need to be closer and...