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  1. sparkyweasel

    Last Post

    They don't even realise they are only providing a third class service as it is. :)
  2. sparkyweasel

    Royal Mail

    Can we pick more than one?
  3. sparkyweasel

    The Travails of English...

    Or, if you pronounce; gh as in though, o as in people, t as in ballet, and i as in business; it can be completely silent. :)
  4. sparkyweasel

    Social Media Experts

    And how much nicer you could make it? :)
  5. sparkyweasel

    Largest freestanding aquarium in the world explodes

    I wonder how much the report cost? It basically says there was either something wrong with the material or something wrong with the way it was put together. :)
  6. sparkyweasel

    Experiences with A.I.

    They tried to make AI 'work' like a typical human. It gave out misinformation. They succeeded. :)
  7. sparkyweasel

    What has UKAPS done for you?

    "What has UKAPS done for you?" The aqueduct? And the sanitation. And the roads! :)
  8. sparkyweasel

    Largest freestanding aquarium in the world explodes

    But not quite thick enough. :)
  9. sparkyweasel

    Happy Christmas.

    Merry Christmas! :)
  10. sparkyweasel

    Angler lands one of world’s largest goldfish in French lake

    Same for me. Eventually I stopped taking the fishing tackle and just go for a walk by the water. :)
  11. sparkyweasel

    Fascinating Fungi

    A little garden on the top of a fence post;
  12. sparkyweasel

    UK cave spiders - the scariest wee beasties in my home!

    Not nice indeed. :eek: Is that a typical reaction, or are you allergic or hypersensitive to them?
  13. sparkyweasel

    Fish 'stroller'

    A more indepenfent fish might prefer to drive itself around. ' Article
  14. sparkyweasel

    Interesting Articles

    Aquarium Hobbyist Magazine has some good pieces, and it's free! AHM
  15. sparkyweasel

    YOUTUBE recommendation

    I've just read (and liked) Richard Osman's Thursday Murder Club, it's very popular. It's divided into very short chapters (one to maybe four pages) so it's easy to read in small chunks which might suit you. hth
  16. sparkyweasel

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

    Merry Christmas to all!
  17. sparkyweasel

    How intelligent are fish?

    I highly recommend 'What a Fish Knows' by Jonathan Balcombe for a lot of information about fish intelligence, derived from science and presented in an accessible way.
  18. sparkyweasel

    Gundam and Aquascaping

    Click where it says 'Watch on Facebook'. :)
  19. sparkyweasel

    The World's Forgotten Fishes

    Lol, so you have. I think I meant to post that somewhere else. :)
  20. sparkyweasel

    The World's Forgotten Fishes

    Welcome! :)
  21. sparkyweasel

    When fish die

    It also gives the local people and their governments a reason to conserve the habitats. Habitat loss is generally considered to be the biggest problem for wildlife in the short term. Climate change may be worse in the long term, depending what we do about it.
  22. sparkyweasel

    HELP! 10 neon tetras gone!! Urgent help

    Or possibly eaten by the catfish, depending on which species of cat.
  23. sparkyweasel

    Mars Mushrooms?

    Doctor: That’s right, the great Hoffmann. Blackadder: Owner of the largest leech farm in Europe. :)
  24. sparkyweasel

    Mars Mushrooms?

    We call them fairy rings. :)
  25. sparkyweasel

    Orcas spotted swimming off the coast of Cornwall

    The French have threatened to make it like a re-run of the Battle of Trafalgar. :) Hmm, perhaps not the best idea,
  26. sparkyweasel

    Aquascaping and safety to (human) pregnant mothers

    Congratulations! :) I can't think of any dangers that haven't been mentioned above.
  27. sparkyweasel

    Recommend/ Why hasn't anyone done a comprehensive video about all the chemistry of a planted tank?

    Why hasn't anyone done a comprehensive video about all the chemistry of a planted tank? Comprehensive? It would be longer than Lord of the Rings. :)
  28. sparkyweasel

    Sewage dumping in rivers.

    If they did that, they would put themselves out of business.
  29. sparkyweasel

    Tips for a beginner in photography

    All good advice from @dean . I would add 'take loads of pics'. It's cheap to experiment, not like when you had to pay for film and processing, and then wait before you could see the results. Happy birthday! :)
  30. sparkyweasel

    Zebra Danio neuroscience

    Closer to home, Angelfish communicate by clicks, and there are Croaking Gouramis. The gouramis are loud, Angels you can listen to with a stethoscope against the tank glass. Probably lots of other species if we start listening.
  31. sparkyweasel

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas everybody! :)
  32. sparkyweasel

    Steeplejack Fred

    Fred looks young there. :) Coincidentally, last night I was watching a programme he made in 1999, the first in a series looking at Britain's Industrial Heritage. It's on the BBC iPlayer, I don't know if you can access that in the Netherlands @zozo but it's worth a look if you can. Wind, Water...
  33. sparkyweasel

    Cyanobacteria kill elephants

    Have you got one of those special stones that keeps them away?
  34. sparkyweasel

    Peter Green

    Sad news indeed. And not even a mention in my paper.
  35. sparkyweasel

    Eye operation a success

    All the best for your recovery Keith.
  36. sparkyweasel

    Darrel Reaches 10,000 Posts!

    Members like you keep this forum going and what it is today, the best in the world for planted tanks :) ftfy :)
  37. sparkyweasel

    Darrel Reaches 10,000 Posts!

    :clap: 🍻 🎂
  38. sparkyweasel

    Rock Wool

    That's human nature, but you couldn't have forseen it. Your altum/oto incident reminds me of a bichir I had, that tried to eat an Apollo Shark, that was actually bigger than the stupid bichir. It managed to open its jaws wide enough to get the shark's pointed snout in, then got stuck. Must have...
  39. sparkyweasel

    Rock Wool

    Thanks for sharing that. Now we know it definitely can happen and isn't just scaremongering.
  40. sparkyweasel

    Rock Wool

    I've also heard it said that the fibres can get into their gills and cause irritation. Haven't seen any actual evidence for that, or ingestion, causing problems, just the suggestion that it might. Perhaps you could ask your friend about the gills too.
  41. sparkyweasel

    British summer time

    . . . from a list of candidates who give the impression that you couldn't trust any of them to run a whelk stall. :)
  42. sparkyweasel

    COVID19 and terrible decision making

    More terrible decision making; https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/mar/30/astrophysicist-gets-magnets-stuck-up-nose-while-inventing-coronavirus-device
  43. sparkyweasel

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas everybody!
  44. sparkyweasel

    How to balance my tank?

    Welcome! :) What kind of tetras? They vary a lot in size and requirements. Also what kind of loach? Same applies, plus most are only happy in a shoal. Crustaceans in the gravel are usually harmless, but a huge population could indicate overfeeding. Probably ostracods, could be isopods or...
  45. sparkyweasel

    What books are you reading?

    What a Fish Knows, Jonathan Balcome.
  46. sparkyweasel

    Virus protection

    Another thing is to back-up anything you wouldn't want to lose. :)
  47. sparkyweasel

    Partial Lunar Eclipse

    Here's an animation of the moon's phases.
  48. sparkyweasel

    Beautiful Video

    :) Freudian slip?
  49. sparkyweasel

    Friends turtle tank!

    Maybe because there's different kinds of 'turtles'. Do you know what species it is?
  50. sparkyweasel

    DR Congo Expedition to underwater garden lake Fwa

    Thank you for sharing your amazing experience and wonderful photos. I hope peace comes to your beautiful country soon.
  51. sparkyweasel

    Guernsey south coast walk

    L. viridis is the eastern species, so it would be a long way from its natural range. L. bilineata is the western species. Telling them apart is not easy, it's only on the basis if genetic information that they have been separated, and there's still some debate about whether they should remain...
  52. sparkyweasel

    The earth moved. Literally!!! Aquarium is fine.

    There are quite a few YouTube videos of aquariums in earthquakes. Here is one, Richter 7.5!
  53. sparkyweasel


    Good find, thanks. I watched; Nature's Microworlds - 3 - Amazon last night, it's on iPlayer, also on the list Paulo linked. The commentary is a bit basic, but there's some great footage. https://ihavenotv.com/amazon-natures-microworlds
  54. sparkyweasel

    The Balance Of Nature

    You could try here; https://www.aquaplante.fr/attente-suppression/ada/9390-poster-ada-the-balance-of-nature-pterophyllum-altum.html
  55. sparkyweasel

    The Indian Dancing frog mystery solved..

    Facinating. Thanks for sharing, Marcel.
  56. sparkyweasel

    Suddenly Come Across Wild Animals

    You did what could be done, and there was a chance of saving the badger, although sadly it turned out to be too badly injured, which you had no way of knowing. If you had left it, it would have had no chance at all. Badger seemed to realise you were tring to help, leaving it would have been...
  57. sparkyweasel

    Bird identification

    Which Hawaiian Honey Creeper? There are several, including red, blue and yellow and black predominant colour. Also where did you see it? If you're posting from Hawaii that could make a difference :)
  58. sparkyweasel

    Brexit and...

    At one time I would always buy at least a few bags of live food whenever I was in a LFS. These days you have to buy it the day it's delivered, and you still get half the stuff in the bag dead. I assume it's the little sachets it's packed in that are not up to the job, convenient for the supplier...
  59. sparkyweasel

    SeriouslyFish down?

    Here's a strange thing; for me, www.seriouslyfish.com doesn't work, but seriouslyfish.com does. If I click a link from there, eg 'Knowledge Base', it tries to open http://www.seriouslyfish.com/knowledge-base/ and fails. Then if I delete 'www.' in the address bar and hit enter it opens...
  60. sparkyweasel

    Her indoors/the accountant/the killjoy

    Get the kids interested?
  61. sparkyweasel

    Fresh Water Clam?

    Yes, Swan Mussel is the English name. You don't often see them as they usually live in the mud at the bottom. That one was probably disturbed by the dredging. Pond suppliers often stock them, and sometimes claim they will clean pond water by filter feeding.
  62. sparkyweasel


    Done. Good luck with your degree. If your tutors are going to see the questionnaire itself as well as the results, you might like to proof-read it and fix a few typos. :)
  63. sparkyweasel

    Anyone else play guitar or anything else?

    Very nice, Foxfish.
  64. sparkyweasel

    tv question

    You can get weatherproof TVs intended for outdoor use; maybe you could replace it with one of those. They're not cheap though. :)
  65. sparkyweasel

    Anyone speak/read french? & Image privacy.

    When you do your Google image search, you can click on the image to go to the web site using it and see where it is. That should not lead you to ImageShack if they are set to private, will probably take you to your thread on here, where that are available for all to see.
  66. sparkyweasel

    Is it legal to send fish through couriers?

    Maybe because they were sent in an ordinary package, not with a specialist courier and not marked and handled as live fish.
  67. sparkyweasel

    Members Backgrounds

    Wow, there is a lot of similarity in most of these careers. I too have done electronics and engineering, and my own motorcycle maintenance. I've even nearly been an arms dealer, in so far as doing quality assurance on weapons systems; you wouldn't want them to hurt anyone! I've had a couple of...