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  1. RolyMo

    Playstation 4

    Like Iain I am sticking with my 360 and Battlefield 4 and will wait to see the consoles calm down, the bugs ironed out and perhaps maybe even go on a diet. Oh and the price diminish hopefully.Got 10 years for this batch to last. R
  2. RolyMo

    life after dexter and breaking bad

    Is that on DVD you mean?
  3. RolyMo

    life after dexter and breaking bad

    Luther - excellency The Shadow Line - excellent The Newsroom - good from Aaron Sorkin The Walking Dead - good and variable Hannibal - excellent Ray Donovan - good American Horror Story - wickedly warped Homeland - excellent but variable GoT - good all 3 seasons True Blood - good but variable...
  4. RolyMo

    Overworked and underpaid...

    Enterprise Software Sales guy - Selling numerous infrastructure management solutions to medium and large companies. Job is great, getting to meet different people and listening to the challenges they face. Pressure is not great, targets etc. combined with 3 girls in the house. :facepalm:
  5. RolyMo

    Tapatalk Forum App

    Another user of Tapatalk. I use it on my iOS devices. I think it works well in getting the information you want rapidly. I have seen the occasional post from someone where the pictures appear to be thumbnail size and not able to expand. Speed of getting to the posts. Easy to follow a thread...
  6. RolyMo

    what new phone????

    Ashrolls Agreed on the contract stuff. The TCO is really bad. But then you are in essences having something on credit so you are paying interest in affect until the cost of the phone is paid off. But if one does not have the means to buy a phone outright then a contract or a cheap PAYG phone is...
  7. RolyMo

    what new phone????

    Disclaimer - I have an iPhone, wife has one and I have an iPad, an Apple TV, and MBP. So my views are going to be somewhat slanted to the Apple stable of products. I never used to be.:) I sat down with friend earlier on in the week as he had just got the iPhone 5S and a Galaxy S4 as we write...
  8. RolyMo

    Help needed - very bizarre and a bit off topic...

    Her account has been hacked. Ignore.
  9. RolyMo

    why your user name?

    My father who managed to stop my mum calling me Tarquin instead settled on Roland. My mother used to call me by the shortened name of Roly. Still scarred by her shouting up the stairs to me "Roly have you tidied your room yet" Having now had 2 girls who took great pleasure in watching cbeebies...
  10. RolyMo

    Anyone else joined Hugh's Fish Fight?...

    I did the tweet to the super market questioning their prawn supplies. Got a response from Tesco stating they had set up a working group. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD