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  1. oddn0ise

    Jurassic Valley 270L (oddn0ise)

    First scape in 3 years and last scape in this old tank
  2. oddn0ise

    Return to aquascaping - 270L (oddn0ise)

    Hi all, after a recent holiday to Costa Rica I came back all inspired and have set about a new aquascape. After almost 15 years my 270L tank feels like it is nearing the end of it’s life, so this may well be my last scape in this tank. It has served me well with a top 300 ranking in the ADA...
  3. oddn0ise

    Staurogyne lake 270L - return of oddn0ise

    Previous scape can be seen here and new scape journal below New set up: 270L tank, Ehiem Pro3 350 filter (Mech, Substrat Pro, Torf, Lav) JBL 602 CO2 Unit, Sera glass CO2 Disperser, 2 x 600 Growbeams (on from 2pm to 10.30pm), 1 x 42inch T8 tube (on from 4pm to 8pm), Amazonia soil Plants...
  4. oddn0ise

    oddn0ise - 270L planted rebuild - IAPLC entry

    Here's my previous tank before work commenced: Tropical fish/plant layout June11 by oddnoise, on Flickr# I’ve been keeping tropical fish for about 15 years now and over the last seven years I have focused on creating planted layouts but with a fair share of non plant friendly exotic fish. In...