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  1. RolyMo

    Been away. Back again, still a noob and learning

    Good evening all. I have been a member of UKAPS for 5 years, but have been away from the forum for a few years. I have huge respect for the folks here and learnt a great deal the forum's pro's, about subjects such as CO2, flow, and fert's. Today I decided that I needed to completely start again...
  2. RolyMo

    Plenty of inspiration, zero experience

    Hey welcome Derek. Definitely a wise move joining this forum. Don't be afraid of asking what you consider dumb questions (so long as you have forum searched first ;)). I have asked plenty and I have received huge amounts of help that has all contributed to surviving and still having the...
  3. RolyMo

    How/Where did you hear about Ukaps.org?????

    From plain old google, looking at a number of sites, but seeing this as the most responsive and the community being very kind, helpful and not being aloof in responses. People are just willing to help and answer questions in a friendly easy to digest manner. Keep up the great work and the...
  4. RolyMo

    Hello From Congo

    Hi Zanguli Sounds really cool. Looking forward to seeing the pictures and perhaps updates on the Journal too. The forum has really helped me too, so great people and mentors to help you make sure you enjoy the hobby. Good luck Roland
  5. RolyMo

    Greetings from an overwhelmed newbie in Hampshire

    Pariahrob Thanks for the response and tips. The guys at the local aquatics place were good and I believe not being salesy. It's more about the difference between what website explains versus the local centre. I will have a go at the journal. Thanks for that. And I will start to try and relax...
  6. RolyMo

    Greetings from an overwhelmed newbie in Hampshire

    Hi All Have been been thoroughly enjoying ukaps.org and have found it a goldmine of information. A bit about me. My parents generously offer to buy me a fish tank for my 40th birthday after watching the delight of my 5 year old daughter watching the fish in a tank whilst she was in hospital 3...