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  1. oddn0ise

    Spirulina turning shrimp red

    the recommendation from earlier in this post is having an amazing effect on my shrimps, thanks Simon. Great stuff http://taaquaculture.uk/
  2. oddn0ise

    Amano are very busy

    nice, to see your shrimps all looking happy. I got mine to a similar state a few years ago and some are still alive after 6 years, but introduced cherries and they are now taking over...
  3. oddn0ise

    Helping or hindering

    Have just noticed a large dead shrimp in the tank.Will check out whether it was the egg carrying one.
  4. oddn0ise

    Helping or hindering

    One of my Amano shrimps is full with grey eggs. There a group of shrimps all around is that OK, or is it danger? Sorry for the pics, it's a close as I could get the iPhone.