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  1. Mr P

    bsp fittings

    hi andy, please let me know what you get. cheers roy.
  2. Mr P

    bsp fittings

    hello, the valve I ordered is no good, just have to crack it open a tiny amount and I can blow through it, looks like I will be using my old valve for a while longer.:( roy.
  3. Mr P

    bsp fittings

    Stainless Steel Needle Valve 6000 psi 1/4"BSPP hi im not too sure if I have done this right but it is on fleabay. I hope ive picked the right one to use. roy
  4. Mr P

    bsp fittings

    many thanks andy, just ordered 2 fittings ,should get the job done. roy.
  5. Mr P

    bsp fittings

    hello, I hope I have got this in the correct thread,i have got a needle valve with 1/4 bsp female ends on it,does anyone know what fittings I need to get to connect from 1/4 bsp to 6mm airline and where I could get them. all help is appreciated. roy.:thumbup:
  6. Mr P

    All Pond Solutions Reviews!

    hi, like your review,i just ordered a light unit from all pond solutions, ,keep up the good work. all the best , Mr P.
  7. Mr P

    Cutting acrylic

    hello. I made a lid for my tank out of acrylic sheet. I used a router to do all the cutting,it does a fantastic job.if you have one I would definitely use it all the best ,Mr P.