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  1. Mr P

    George's "Crystal Palace" - now with HD video

    looks really nice now,have you tried taking a custom white balance with a white target in the tank,just thought it might be worth a go.well done on your photography ,all the best roy
  2. Mr P

    Tonys 'Triassic Hollow' 420L - Now FOR SALE !

    this has been a fascinating read,it is beautiful.i like the way it has evolved,you have put a lot time and trouble into this project.how do the altums get on among themselves?have they paired up .once again ,brilliant.mrP.
  3. Mr P

    Trigon 190 'Crypt Corner' (PFK featured)

    really nice setup,i have looked but could not find what lighting you are using. keep up the great work roy
  4. Mr P

    Lè Nano journal •30l Fluval• PLANTED

    great tank. I would like a shrimp tank but im not sure the misses does.what shrimps do you have? all the best roy.
  5. Mr P

    700 litre - Boesemani-Stan. 😁

    this tank is fantastic, a really natural look. all the best roy.
  6. Mr P

    Dutchish 175

    hello,i was just planning my first prune on the tank and the angel fish decided it was a good time to start laying eggs,i really need to do a water change tomorrow but might leave it a couple of days longer and see what happens with the angels,i dont really want to disturb them too much and this...
  7. Mr P

    Dutchish 175

    hi, the spraybar seems to be ok at the moment, i think the best thing i have done is to place the co2 diffuser under the filter inlet,the gas dissolves in water alot better and i have had less algae problems. i only have a couple of small bits of BBA, which i will spot dose with liquid...
  8. Mr P

    Dutchish 175

    Hi, it is one week since i planted the tank up,the growth has been really good and i think iwill be pruning this week, iwill replant the cuttings and try and start thickening up the plantings,,see ya later,skankypup. :D http://www.flickr.com/photos/skankypup/7006465234/
  9. Mr P

    Dutchish 175

    I was using a swan neck out on the filter with the flow going across the back of the tank,the stem plants are getting seriously bent so i have changed to a spraybar across the back of the tank now, i will keep an eye on any algae that pops up,i have had less problems with algae using the swan...
  10. Mr P

    Rio 125 - Orphans Island. 5 Week update, plenty of pics!

    hi, It has been great seeing the tank fill out,great colours,,the staurogyne has grown brilliantly, all the best ,skankypup. :D
  11. Mr P

    [NANO] Double Opti White - Cherry/Sakura/White Pearl Breeding Colony

    Re: Double Opti White Nano - Cherry/Sakura Breeding Colony i like your new tank alot, nice and bright with a feeling of space,what are the tank dimensions? great work.all the best ,skankypup. :D
  12. Mr P

    80x35x45 back to the begining stages!

    Re: 80x35x45 Opti White - Tank arrived.. glassware issues.. thats beautiful stone,cant wait to see it in water when the colours really come out,great tank too,i dont think the missus would put up with another one,all the best ,skankypup.
  13. Mr P

    Dutchish 175

    here is a list of the plants in the tank,i will see as things progress what changes need to be made, Lobelia Cardinalis Dwarf. Clinopodium Brownei, Limnophila aromatica Alternanthera rosaefolia mini, Limnophilia sessiflora, Bacopa carolina, Hygrowphila sp,araguaia, micanthemum, Cryptocorne...
  14. Mr P

    Dutchish 175

    i done the planting over the weekend in 3stages followed by 50% water changes the fish must be happy i have i finished {for the moment),i have no doubt that pl ants may need moving or changing as the tank progresses, i have the lights on for 6hours daily as i have found this plenty for the...
  15. Mr P

    Dutchish 175

    Hello ,I am trying to put a dutch(ish) style planting together in my tank,i am no expert and will not pretend to know what i am doing,i have grown a couple of resonable tanks of plants and hope i will manage this.i pulled most of the plants out of the tank(most have been rehomed)i have a couple...
  16. Mr P

    Fluval Studio 900...'Dragons Crypt' Journal finished.

    Re: Fluval Studio 900... Water change night again.. that is a really nice looking tank,very impressed,keep up the good work.skankypup
  17. Mr P

    Aquience 175 ltr

    Thanks for your comments chaps. i will trim the rotala today, I struggle abit judging how much to trim off the plants with their different growth rates.
  18. Mr P

    Aquience 175 ltr

    Here is my first attempt at a planted tank. It is 175ltr,I have a EFX300 Filter, Koralia 1600 powerhead,JBL CO2, Eco complete substrate.I had just pruned some of the plants so it is not as full as it was.i did struggle with algae to start with but have mostly got it under control now,the help...