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  1. oddn0ise

    Tank seal decay

    My tank is heading towards its 20th year and am starting to get nervous about the seals going. One area on the front face has decayed, there's algae on it and the sealant has worn thin, its just in a small area 4 cm in length and the decay is to about half of the depth of the sealant. Anyone...
  2. oddn0ise

    Transition to new scape (270L oddn0ise)

    Haven't been around for a few years but am now planning to start a new scape. This is the previous set-up and it's been very low maintenance for a couple of years now, so there's been a build up of Black Beard Algae as I discarded the CO2 injection. What's the opinion on moving plants from an...
  3. oddn0ise

    When assassins need to be assassinated

    My assassin snails have done a great job, and have extinguished the nasty snail infestation I had. But they've got on so well they've now breed and I have hundreds of small assassins snails, if anyone would like some, or have some Crypts to swap for them, let me know. Can send 10 small ones at...
  4. oddn0ise

    Help, Help, Help!

    Hi, Have just come home to a tank full of dead fish. Glowlights and Kitty Tetras all dead. Have just lifted 3 Corydoras out and after floating up side down for a while have now moved to the bottom of a bucket of fresh water. My red shrimp all seem OK, there are now no snails on the glass, and...
  5. oddn0ise

    Bushy plant suggestions

    Hi UKAPS, my tank is settling down now after a growth stint of algae, and snails. But the plants are now settling down and taking shape, the crypts are waking up and it's been the shift to a spray bar that has helped things along. I'd like to grow a nice plant to fill out the back left and...
  6. oddn0ise

    is the flow right?

    Hi, have placed the wood exactly in the right position, visually, but the flow from the filter is aiming at the wood. Should flow be quite strong, through the tank or does it help plants and CO2 to restrain the flow? There's plenty of it, but, it's not flowing through the tank. Any thoughts...
  7. oddn0ise

    The art of patience...

    I’ve started work on a new 270L scape, my first for a few years, and I can’t wait to point out the need for patience… as it is so critical. I like to get the water in and filter running as quickly as possible in a new scape but this urge to fill quickly makes planting especially fine grass like...
  8. oddn0ise

    Sudden appearance of parasites

    After a major 50% water change yesterday, I found one of my Corydoras today, dead. I checked him out with my magnifying glass (one of my best purchases) and there were three parasites on him. About 4mm long and just under 1mm wide, worm like with a slight head shape, can anyone help with...
  9. oddn0ise

    Is Purigen safe?

    I noticed a lot of aquascapers in competitons using Purigen to clean the water. Is it safe to go in an existing tank to clear the water or will it effect other things? Any advice would be appreciated but I drop a sachet into my filter.