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  1. Mr P

    tropica aqua soil

    Sounds great,staying put when sloped is really handy as every thing else I have used in the past levels its self out.thanks for your help.roy.
  2. Mr P

    tropica aqua soil

    Hi all ,has anybody using or used tropica aquarium soil.any feed back would be great.roy.
  3. Mr P

    what substrate

    thanks johan I will see about changing the substrate soon to sand,i dose ferts daily any way so that is no problem. thanks roy.
  4. Mr P

    what substrate

    I originally had the florabase on top of the akadama it has been in the tank about a year now and has become mixed now,i done it that way to bulk it out abit,smaller plants don't really grip in it,in my other tank I have eco complete and the roots grow into the grains but I did not want to use...
  5. Mr P

    what substrate

    hi everyone, what substrate have you found the best for keeping the plants anchored down.i am using a mix of columbo florabase and akadama.the plants mostly grasses keep lifting out of it and it is driving me mad. I want a smaller grain size substrate with a bit of weight to it. I also have...
  6. Mr P

    Has eco-complete changed?

    :) hello, I have had eco complete in a tank for over 3years now.i dose ferts daily and have had decent growth on most plants I have put in.i also have akadama in another tank which in my opion out performs the eco complete .i must admit I like the eco complete for appearance but it is very...
  7. Mr P

    keeping substrate clean

    i have had algae problems in my tank and someone said that excess waste could cause problems,i wondered how you keep the substrate clean with a well planted tank.i have a syphon for cleaning tanks but this seems to cause more damage than its worth.how do you clean yours? skankypup.