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    Filter Floss - like or dislike?

    I use white filter floss but i also brought a big roll from ebay and just cut it to size to suit my eheim filter. Cheers Gordon
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    what do you use - spray bar, lily or other

    I use a spray bar along the back wall of the tank, facing to the front of the tank and pointing slighty down. Cheers Gordon.
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    Women UPDATE 23/4/11

    Re: Women Thats a great story. Just goes to show you can never tell what they are thinking. Cheers Gordon.
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    Growing Mosses

    Cheers Matt will keep a look out for the Creeping moss and Madagascar moss in that link, does not appear to be any for sale on there at the moment. But just tempted to try any moss to be honest and see how it grows. Cheers Gordon.
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    Growing Mosses

    im looking fr a moss that stays quite short and will bush out. Thanks for all the information Matt. Very helpful. Cheers Gordon.
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    Growing Mosses

    Thanks for the reply Matt. What moss would be best for attaching itself, i quite like the look of the following mosses, would love to try some moss on a bit of slate and see if i can get some to grow. Christmas Moss -Vesicularia dubyana, spiky moss - taxiphyllum sp, flame moss =-taxiphyllum...
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    Growing Mosses

    Whats the easiest way of attacing mosses to the hardscape like slate or rock? Does it have to be tied on or can you use super glue? Cheers Gordon.
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    Light unit query

    As T5 Ballasts are electronic it will just stop. Its the old wire wound ballasts found on some T8 and metal halide lights that are more likely to catch fire but even this is rare.
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    Light unit query

    As the lamps are a higher wattage than the ballast it may well mean that the ballast will be working harder than it is designed for and sooner or later will stop working. Cheers Gordon.
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    MA Oxford new shrimp tanks

    Thanks for the heads up Sam. Not been in there for a while so a good excuse for a visit. :thumbup:
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    CO² - 2kg Supplier

    If you tell us your location that will help people to advise you. Some get them from ebay, also Dan Crawford a UKAPS Member also sometimes has them for sale. Cheers Gordon.
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    led lighting

    Have you had a read of this thread http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=3687 There is a good diy led build amongst those pages and well woth a read. Cheers Gordon.
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    DIY LED lighting?

    Ok after more searching on the internet i think i have cracked it. I have found a PWM dimmer for 16 Euros. http://www.dotlight.de/products/en/LEDs/LED-High-Power/LED-HP-Driver/Dimming/DIMLED-Dimming-Module-for-LEDs-LEDBARs-Luxeon-etc.html So for those of us that dont understand how to build...
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    DIY LED lighting?

    Have just found this on ebay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/PWM-Mosfet-Driver-9-24vdc-Dimmer-Heater-Motor-Control_W0QQitemZ400103360450QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_BOI_Industrial_Automation_Control_ET?hash=item5d2804c7c2 Not sure if it is any good for our use? Also if i was using those drivers that Supercoley...
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    DIY LED lighting?

    Thank you to both of you for your replys. I will take a look at your journal fishbeast. Cheers Gordon.
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    DIY LED lighting?

    Could someone please advise me on how PWM Dimming works and if there any plug and play dimming units of this kind on the market. Cheers Gordon
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    Who fancies helping at FOF this year?

    Looks like i can't make it after all, some family issue has cropped up, if anything changes i will let you know . Cheers Gordon. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    Who fancies helping at FOF this year?

    Cheers George, where are you staying if you dont mind me asking? Cheers Gordon.
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    Who fancies helping at FOF this year?

    Was thinking along the same lines Sam. Would be great to help out a little, even if it is fetching and carrying. it all helps right. Cheers Gordon.
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    two filter not powerful enoth

    Glad to have helped Lee :thumbup: Cheers Gordon.
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    problem, Amonia shot right up EDITED!GOTA NEW FILTER NOW!

    Re: problem, Amonia has shot right up! What other fish are in the tank?, have you done a water change today since you noticed the ammonia rise? I can't see why your tap water can't be used for water changes either. Cheers Gordon.
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    problem, Amonia shot right up EDITED!GOTA NEW FILTER NOW!

    Re: problem, Amonia has shot right up! Hi, Did you wash the filter in tank water or tap water? Also i would do a water change as soon as you can, maybe at least 25%, and continue to change daily until the Ammonia stays at zero. Cheers Gordon.
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    two filter not powerful enoth

    Hi Nick, yes you are correct there in your thinking. On the compact pumps there are two different types, you have the compact, then you have the compact+ On the compact it is an in tank pump only, where as the compact+ can be used in tank, or externally. Cheers Gordon.
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    two filter not powerful enoth

    I run the Eheim Compact+ 2000 sump pump, and am more than happy with it. The Following thread may also be of interest to you. http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=3744 Cheers Gordon.
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    New Traces from Aqua Essentials

    It well may do, im not sure on this, although the old AE trace didn't have Magnesium in. Cheers Gordon.
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    Which laptop to go for?

    Maybe have a look at UK Laptops too, they sell refurbished dell laptops. Here is a description of what they class as refurbished. What is Refurbished When you purchase a "Refurbished" laptop this does not generally mean it is second-hand, old or repaired. Where do we get our Laptops from...
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    New Traces from Aqua Essentials

    Hi all, I have just had a look at Fluidsensor trace mix and is very little difference to the old AE mix. Fe 8.4% (EDTA), Mn 1.82% (EDTA), Zn 1.16% (EDTA), B 1.05%, Cu 0.23% (EDTA), Mo 0.15%...
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    No bubbles when solenoid cuts on

    Yes that's what seawolf was talking about, it is known as a Non Return Valve, only lets the CO2 past it, and stops the water flowing back to the solenoid etc. Cheers Gordon.
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    pipeing and lily's

    I think the 13mm ones, as the pipe will be 12/16mm meaning 12mm internal, and 16mm overall diameter. Cheers Gordon.
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    Who fancies helping at FOF this year?

    Here you go, all the information should be in the following thread. http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=5840&start=0 9th to 11th October. Cheers Gordon.
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    HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE.

    Doubt its your tap water, but test it and see. How long has the tank and filter been set up? Cheers Gordon?
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    Using chemicals from work?

    Cant't see any reason why not, as long as it's the right stuff, maybe put a list up here, and let's see what there is. Cheers Gordon.
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    Is there a 'basics' sticky?

    Unless its a nice yellow of course, then decrease the CO2. :thumbup: Cheers Gordon.
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    Would this be a suitable filter?

    yep, most people put them in a cabinet under the tank. You got it, the heater goes on the return, and then would go up to your spray bar or lily pipe, i think on a tank your size the inlet and return may be best on the same side of the tank. Not having used glassware myself, im not sure but...
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    Would this be a suitable filter?

    You are correct here, the lily pipe replaces the spraybar. Cheers Gordon.
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    DIY Project DIY Reactor - pictures, assembly and testing

    How about one of these for the CO2 Injection second item down. 22mm tee with a 5mm branch, they also got a 16mm one, and a 12mm one. http://www.fantasea.co.uk/acatalog/Piping_and_Accessories2.html Cheers Gordon.
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    Would this be a suitable filter?

    May be the Tetratec EX400 would be a another option rated at 400 litres per hour. Cheers Gordon.
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    Things to avoid in your first tank?

    If you tell us your tanks size., lighting and filtration people will be able to advise you a lot easier. Cheers Gordon.
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    Bobtastic's 1st Planted Tank Journal (240l)

    Just had a quick look a Koralia 1 is rated at 1500lph plus your Fluval 405 at 1300lph That's a total of 2800lph, so yes you should be good to go with a Koralia 1. :thumbup: Cheers Gordon.
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    Bobtastic's 1st Planted Tank Journal (240l)

    In a word yes, just add the litres per hour of the powerhead to that of your filter, until you reach your target flow rate. Cheers Gordon.
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    25 Times Turnover = Cloudy Water?

    Maybe some Seachem Purigen in the filters would help to clear the water. I have not used it myself, but have heard great things about it. Cheers Gordon.
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    Bobtastic's 1st Planted Tank Journal (240l)

    Sorry if i have missed it, but what filter are you using? You need to turn your tank over at about ten times an hour, so your looking at 2400l per hour. Cheers Gordon.
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    EI Dosing Calculation Confusion

    Hi, First off have you read the article here on UKAPS about EI dosing? Here's the lik below for you if not. It will more than likely take a couple of reads to get your head around it. http://www.ukaps.org/EI.htm I would also say you will find it easier to make...
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    Is There An Easy Starter Carpeting Plant?

    Thanks for all the suggestions so far. All very helpful. Cheers Gordon.
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    festival of fishkeeping 2009

    Hi there, There is a thread on this, and yes UKAPS will be there. http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=5840 Cheers Gordon.
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    Is There An Easy Starter Carpeting Plant?

    Sorry forgot to add that, yes i run CO2 via a FE.
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    Is There An Easy Starter Carpeting Plant?

    Hi All. Im off to the Oliver Knott day on Sunday at the Green Machine, and would like to pick up a carpeting plant, is there an easy one to try for someone thats not had any before. Tank Stats. 4ft Tank Around 220 litres. Lighting. 2x39w T5 Lamps plus one 38w T8 I have around 10x...
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    Primary School's tank

    Well i have to take my hat off to you, for taking the time to get that school tank back on track. :thumbup: Well Done. I agree with the Pentazona barbs, lovely fish. Some pics of the tank going through its changes would be cool to see. Cheers Gordon.
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    saintly's "savannah dreaming"

    I really like this layout, love the way the branches are reaching out the top of the tank each side The rock work all around the bottoms looks great too. :thumbup: Cheers Gordon.
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    Cheap pressurised CO2 system DIY guide

    Great write up Sam, Well Done. If you don't use a solenoid just leave it running 24/7. Cheers Gordon.
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    Where do you guys work?

    Im a Electrician, working on industrial and commercial side of things. Cheers Gordon.
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    Osaka 260l First setup

    Regarding the co2, in that size tank pressurissed is the way to go, although the intial set up cost maybe more, will work out easier and less hassle in the long run. As for ferts maybe consider EI. Take a read of the following for setting up a Fe co2 system...
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    Possible UKAPS booklet?

    Bill, why not write an article yourself seeing as you seem very keen on showing new even if its a rough draft and pass it on to the mods here to see what they think about adding it to the articles page here on UKAPS. I uggest the above as you seem so keen on showing other people including...
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    Oliver Knott Day!

    Got my ticket yesterday. :thumbup: First time at a UKAPS meet so hopefully will be a good one. Cheers Gordon.
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    All In One Solution Based On EI

    Hi, Thanks for your input to Chris. In the end i went with the 500ml volume of water that Clive suggested in an earlier post. Which gives me 40ml per dose. :thumbup: Cheers Gordon.
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    hahaha cool pic Sam. Hope that little fishy sent you a postcard whilst away from his/her home. :lol: :lol: :lol: Cheers Gordon.
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    All In One Solution Based On EI

    Thanks for confirming Clive. Yep i have a 15ml marker so i should be just fine with that. :thumbup: So going to try a mix of 200ml and see how things go. Cheers Gordon.
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    All In One Solution Based On EI

    Ok, going to have a bash at EI dosing. If i make up the 200ml bottle, to get the amount to dose i guess its 200/12=16.6 I will be keeping the Trace and Macros in separate bottles. So im looking at 16ml per dose on the appropiate days. Hope my maths are correct. Cheers Gordon.
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    DIY LED lighting?

    Ok no worrys people, seem to have got the hang off it now. Cheers Gordon.
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    DIY LED lighting?

    Ok managed to get one joint done, tinned the wire and held it on the plate with the iron. Have tries to do another one, but doesn't seem to matter how long ikeep the iron there for, it won't remelt the solder. Any one any idea why? Cheers Gordon.
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    DIY LED lighting?

    Thanks for the tip. Did you put some solder onto the wire first? or are you saying there is solder on the plate of the led? Cheers Gordon.
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    DIY LED lighting?

    Hi all, Have got most of my kit together for LED Lighting using 1w power luxeon LEDS. Im having trouble soldering on the wires for some reason. I have brought a 30w soldering iron. Any of you got any tips on soldering the wire onto the LEDS?
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    Peristaltic Pump

    Hi. Looks a nice find to me. Just make sure you get a 12v DC adaptor. The fact you can vary the motor speed is a bonus. If you decide to get one let us know how you get on with it. Cheers Gordon.
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    journal taster

    Love the look of the tanks and cabinets. Particurley interested in what you do with the Dennerle tank. Does the Dennerle come as a complete kit? Filter, lights, heater? What sort of price do these run at? Cheers Gordon.
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    Sony Ericsson W760 Mobile Pi (Any one have any reviews on th

    As the title really has any one here got any experience with the Sony Ericsson W760i Black mobile phone. I have always stuck with Nokia's before but like the look of this one. Plus i can get this on a free upgrade. Many Thanks Gordon.
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    Nick, it will all depend on live stock choice. If your going for shrimp only tank then you probaly won't need a heater. Cheers Gordon.
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    newbie to external reactor Q

    The bleed valve is used to bleed any trapped air out of the reactor after first setting up or mainteance. I am assuming the bleed valve is at the top of the reactor. Cheers Gordon.
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    PFK June issue - Big UKAPS contributions....

    Weel done everyone. My copy landed on the doorstep yesterday morning, not had chance to have a read yet though. Sounds like it will be a good read. Cheers Gordon.
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    Algae questions and any other advice....

    Please take note of Clives advice on this. Good Luck. Cheers Gordon.
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    Dosing free week

    Hi, The following thread may well help with the auto dosing side of things. http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=4596 Cheers Gordon.
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    Manzanita wood shipment to the UK: where to ship it to

    Sorry Nelson you must have posted as i was typing my previous post. Cheers Gordon.
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    Manzanita wood shipment to the UK: where to ship it to

    I will have some, after a nice centre piece or two for a four footer. John starkey Binksy1973 (Gordon.)
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    tweeking co2 levels

    No its not normal to have to weak it evry 4 or 5 days. Iwould say theres a chance you have a slight leak some where. Try using soapy water on all conections. if there is a leak you should see the soap bubble. Hope that makes sense. Cheers Gordon.
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    40g - First Attempt at Aquascaping

    Hi Leah. As others have said hardscape is looking good. As for an all in one solution you should try James c all in one solution, this based on TPN+, it is made by mixing dry ferts, and dosing every day. http://www.theplantedtank.co.uk/allinone.htm Cheers Gordon.
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    Happy Birthday

    Thanks Guys. Maybe a year older, but also a year wiser. :lol: Cheers Gordon.
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    All In One Solution Based On EI

    Thanks for your input guys. Much welcomed. Cheers Gordon.
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    All In One Solution Based On EI

    At the moment im using James all in one solution, but would like to try a all in one solution based on the EI Solution. My tank is as follows, (Taken from the volume calculater on the PFK Website) Dimensions 122 x 38 x 50cm/48" x 15" x 20 Volume 232 l./51 gal. (61.29 US gal.) Probable...
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    What do you feed Corydoras?

    Yep them pellets look fine. I have some Bronze corys and they are great little fish, and i have found them easy to keep. Cheers Gordon.
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    Lily Pipes V Sprinkle Bar "UP DATE"

    Things should be ok, as what you have done is evenly spread the flow around the tank, instead of one small area. Where is your spray bar placed in the tank, and which direction are the holes facing? Cheers Gordon.
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    Thread Algae

    Thank you for your advice much appreciated Flow should not be a problem, i have an Eheim compact plus pump rated at 2000 litres per hour, then my Eheim external 2026. Both returns are plumbed into a spray bar along the back of the tank. I will reset the lighting timer and co2 timer tomorrow...
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    Thread Algae

    The Tank is a 4ft 240 litres, i was thinking an 8 hour peroid maybe to start off with and see how things go. Cheers Gordon.
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    Thread Algae

    Thats very helpful to know, as i have a similar problem. I have 2 39w t5 and 1 38w t8 lamp All on at 10am, off at 2pm, back on at 4pm off at 10pm. Co2 comes on at 9am and goes off at 9pm. Drop checker a lime green colour. Dosing James all in one too. I think maybe i need too change my...
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    Group shipping buy for Manzanita driftwood from Tom Barr

    Iwould be interested in some bits, for a 2 foot tank, and a 4 ft tank. Cheers Gordon.
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    Heating Options

    Would this be of any use to you? http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1167. They also have a 15w version. Or maybe a heat mat? http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1168 Cheers Gordon.
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    CO2 never seems to be enough?

    I agree, and the fire extinguisher route is no harder to put together than a all in one shop kit, as with the shop kit you still have to put all he bits together. Cheers Gordon.
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    brand new eheim ecco pro 130 leaks!

    Just out of interest are you getting a replacement for this? Cheers Gordon.
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    How to combine external filters

    On my 240l tank i have an External filter, and an eheim compact pump. Two intakes. One Spraybar running along the back of the tank. The returns are plumbed into a tee just before they enter the tank, then a short hose onto the spraybar. Cheers Gordon.
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    CO2 never seems to be enough?

    I think with a 180l tank a DIY yeast based system just will not cut it im afraid. For one thing it just isn't stable enough, and i don't believe you will get to the 30ppm required, especially with a metal halide light. More light Equals more co2 which equals more ferts. Thats how i see it...
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    jbl ph controller

    Not many people here will use PH Controllers this thread may give an insight to as why http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=3701. Cheers Gordon.
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    Low light level increase;LEDs vs. T5 luminaires (inc. Hagen

    I would have a read of the following thread http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=3687. Its a good read about DIY LEDS. Cheers Gordon.
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    I need help coosing Lighting for a 10ftx4ftx4ft 1200uk gallo

    Have a read through this thread for some ideas on diy leds. http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=3687. Cheers Gordon.
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    Maidenhead Aquatics @ Wheatley, Oxford

    Damn missed this one, anyone go? Cheers Gordon.
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    Bromothymol Blue.

    API do one too. Cheers Gordon
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    DIY LED lighting?

    Ok just had a reply from the seller on ebay, and he is getting some more drivers and is going to relist soon, so panic over and as mentoned earlier i already have a 24v dc power supply. Happy days. Cheers Gordon.
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    DIY LED lighting?

    Actually thats not a bad price, thanks for that, only thing is if i go for 10 leds then i would need2 then it becomes expensive. I have a 24v power source, which i did not pay for so shall continue searching for now. Chees Gordon.
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    DIY LED lighting?

    Right all i have ordered some luxeon leds and heatsinks earlier this week. (same source as Andys) But the source Andy got his drivers from has none listed at the moment, i have sent an email asking if they will be getting anymore. So im trying to get some from else where in case the above does...
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    How many drops of 4KH and PH liquid

    On the bottle of 4dKH Solution i got from Aqua Essentials it says add 3-5mls of KH solution to drop checker, then ad 3 drops of Bromothymol Blue solution. So thats how i do it. Cheers Gordon.
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    Auto Dosing EI with a dosing pump (diagram and calculations)

    Just as i thought, thanks for confirming that one James. Kicking my self a little now for not ordering one the other night though, its now an extra £3.30 more for postage. Cheers Gordon.
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    Auto Dosing EI with a dosing pump (diagram and calculations)

    The pump as i understand it comes with the tubing in the photo, but not the connectors. Good to know air line hose can be used. Still on the look out for a decent second hand sp3000 though if one does not appear soon then this one will be next on the list. Cheers Gordon.