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  1. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    whats the most stupid thing youve done this week?

    mine is.... I weighed out my 1.66 grams of KSO4 into a container lid.. then instead of chucking the contents of the lid in, I chucked the entire pot in instead!!!!! I should dose in the morning when Im more with it!!
  2. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    UKaps flyer

    As requested, the UKaps A5 Flyer is now available for download from the resource page of the main website :)
  3. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Topic Titles

    Hey guys and girls :) just a quick note as a request. Please when making new topics, would you name them properly... 'please help!', or 'bad news!!' is a bit hard sort out. the main reason though, is that people are much more likely to be able to find existing threads about issues they may...
  4. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Welcome to all the festival goers!

    Hi all, Just thought Id say a quick welcome to all those people that have joined us from the Festival of Fishkeeping in Portsmouth. Was great to see you all at the show! If your new to the hobby, or just confused, weve all been there! Please look in the newly created Cookbook section if you...
  5. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    A tank based on UK ecology

    Has anyone ever had a go at this? Raising a freshwater tank to closely follow local waters? Im sure that it would work, although youd have to be careful on what species you put in it, although there are a multitude of small uk river fish that would be quite spectacular.
  6. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    A big thank you..

    ... to all of you for really shaping up this forum and society. To see it starting to come together as people get to know eachother is one of the most satisfying things any of us have seen in our online lives. We have such a broad range of people with different experiences, tastes and views...
  7. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Gallery Album Suggestions

    If anyone has any suggestions for more gallery albums, please feel free to comment here! So far we have 'Tanks' and 'Individual Plants'. Obviously this can be expanded a whole lot, but as its your Gallery, we thought we'd let you decide what they should be. :) Glad everyones enjoying it so much!