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  1. Egmel

    Combining filters.

    I asked this a while ago and the general consensus was that I should keep my 2 external filters (both eheim classics a 2213 and a 2217) separate. However there really isn't room in the hood to have all the pipes running in neatly and they're getting kinked/squashed and it's damaging the flow...
  2. Egmel

    How to combine external filters

    This is for my Juwel rekord 120 (101L x 46H x 31W cm ~ 120l). I've just bought the eheim 2215 that Aaron was selling on the B/S/S section and I'll be running it alongside my 2213. Now this will give me 620lph + 440lph = 1060lph and I currently have the original juwel filter (400lph) still...
  3. Egmel

    To lily or not to lily?

    I've just been looking at the cheapish lily pipes on ebay and was wondering what people thought of them. I love the look of the glass so that's a plus. I am incredibly clumsy, are they as fragile as they look? Will they fit on a tank with a Juwel standard hood? Do they really make that much...